The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 22

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Juan’s face turned pale as he glared at Zoey, who was sitting among the four bridesmaids.

‘It must’ve been that b*tch!”

The happy smile on Annie’s face faltered as she stared at Juan in astonishment and disbelief. “What is your relationship with that woman? And what did the two of you do in the storage room?”

Juan held Annie’s shoulders tenderly. “Listen to me, Annie. It’s not what you think! That girl in the video claimed to have been unwell and wanted me to help her rest in the storage room. I didn’t think she’d take her clothes off and try to seduce me as soon as we got in!

“I was shocked by what happened, so I immediately broke free and ran off. I swear I didn’t do anything that could break your heart!”

Annie was not about to simply believe Juan’s side of the story. She pushed him away and walked toward the four bridesmaids on the stage, hissing, “Which one of you is the woman in the video? Show yourself!”

Zoey stretched her hand out from behind and gave the sleepy, yawning Corinne a push, sending the latter staggering toward Annie.

Annie frowned in bewilderment. “It was you?”

Below the stage, Zeke seemed to be enjoying the development. “Your little girlie did it again! I would never have thought that she’d seduce someone else’s groom-let alone your niece’s groom-when she already has you at home! Tsk, tsk.”

Jeremy remained calm and merely narrowed his handsome eyes.

Corinne tended to react a little slowly when she was sleepy, and it took her some time to sober up before she shook her head. “Look at the skirt that the woman in the video is wearing, and you’ll immediately know who it is. My skirt doesn’t have ruffles.”

Zoey looked down and realized this. ‘Crap!’

After all, her dress was the only one with ruffles among the four bridesmaids!

After some thought, she looked down at Corinne and declared, “It’s her! She’s the one who seduced the groom! She had been wearing the skirt that I was wearing, but then she asked to switch with me after she came back from the bathroom. I didn’t think too much about it at the time, but I now understand why she did that! She wanted to frame me for seducing the groom!”

Annie and Corinne exchanged glances at each other.

“I remember you wearing the ruffled dress in the beginning. Why did you change into another one?” Annie


When Zoey heard Annie pose that question, she stepped forward and mounted another verbal assault. ” That’s right! If you didn’t seduce the groom, why did you change dresses with me for no reason?”

Corinne looked at the hypocritical Zoey and remarked, “I seem to remember differently though. It was you who insisted on changing it with me.”

Zoey snorted coldly. “Do you have evidence? Better not make false accusations if you don’t!”

Corinne cocked an eyebrow lazily. “Isn’t there sufficient evidence in the video that’s being played on the screen?”

Zoey turned her head and glanced at the big screen, where the surveillance video was still playing in a loop. The quality of the surveillance video was far from high-definition, and the woman’s face had not been caught on camera, so calling it solid proof would be a bit of a stretch.

In response, Zoey sneered, “But aren’t you the woman in the video? You’re only admitting that it’s you if you say the video is sufficient evidence!”

Corinne ignored her and looked at the area where the audio engineer was. “Can a sound engineer please turn


the volume to the max? We just need to hear the voice of the woman in the video to know who she is.”

The volume value on the big screen was raised to the highest level, and the voice in the surveillance video gradually became clear…

Everyone heard the quarrel between the groom Juan and the bridesmaid Zoey. Their exchange had exposed the somewhat shady relationship between the two, and anyone with a brain could immediately tell from the quarrel that the two of them were lovers!

“It was you!” roared Annie. “And you’re trying to blame it on someone else!”

Annie swung her palm at Zoey’s face harshly.

Zoey covered her face, which had turned pale, as her lips trembled.

Hearing the sound on the surveillance video left her aghast, especially since the sound quality was incredibly


She heard nothing when she secretly requested the footage to be shown. After all, she was the one who planned for that surveillance broadcast to be shown to everyone.

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

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