The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 19

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 19

Chapter 19 

The girl in the wedding dress was Jeremy’s niece, and she needed a bridesmaid on the day of the wedding, which was where Corinne came into the picture

Corinne could not help but complain, Are you that uncultured? Bridesmaids are supposed to be unmarried. Plus, she’s your niece, and I’m your newlywed wife. How can an elder become a bridesmaid for someone younger than them?” 

Jeremy frowned. Did she just call me uncultured?‘ 

The girl in the wedding dress was pleasantly surprised. Oh! So, you’re my aunt!” 

Corinne was definitely not used to being called an aunt


The girl in the wedding dress held Corinne’s hand enthusiastically and introduced herself with a smile. Hello, Aunt Corinne! My name is Annie Levine, and Jeremy’s my maternal uncle! My bridesmaids got stuck in the traffic jam, so I’m not really concerned with the rules right now because I need a lastminute substitute for her.” 

Corinne nodded. I see.” 


go then! I’ll bring you in so you can get changed into the bridesmaid dress!Annie dragged Corinne to the dressing room

Corinne turned around and shot Jeremy a glare. When he said he would give her a job, it turned out that he wanted to give her a job as a bridesmaid

Hehe.Jeremy’s thin lips curled up slightly when he saw Corinne’s angry little face. Teasing her once in a while was quite amusing for him

Zeke showed up out of the blue with a glass of champagne and hooked his arm on his good friend Jeremy’s shoulder. Why are you zoning out here, Jeremy?” 

Jeremy snapped back to his senses. Oh, nothing.” 

Come on, Payton’s over there. Let’s have a drink with him!” 


Inside the dressing room, Annie pointed to a few evening dresses on the hangers. I ordered four sets of dresses for my bridesmaids, so go ahead and choose whichever one you like!” 

Corinne had always been a casual dresser, so she reached for the outermost one

This will do!Annie smiled. Sure thing! You can change here while I head out to check if my other three bridesmaids have arrived, alright?” 



Corinne went into the dressing room and changed into the dress. It was a blue suspender dress with a bit of ruffles, lending her an almost fairylike purity. As she sat on the sofa in the dressing room and waited for Annie to return, she took out her phone and replied to all her unread messages from Aaron

Annie!Someone walked into the dressing room all of sudden

Corinne glanced up, and it turned out to be a man. Annie went out.” 

The man stared at her in surprise. And who-” 

Annie happened to come back right then

Why are you here, Juan?” 

Juan turned to look at Annie and smiled softly, I was checking in on your preparations. Have you got all the bridesmaids?” 

Annie replied confidently, Don’t worry. I’ve got everything down!” 

Great to hear that.” 

Juan nodded, then looked at Corinne, and asked, Who is she, by the way?” 

Annie pulled Corinne over with a smile and introduced her to Juan. She’s the bridesmaid that my uncle found for us! Isn’t she pretty?” 

I see!Juan offered a friendly handshake. Nice to meet you. You’re helping us a great deal.” 

Juan Hermon was Annie’s groomtobe, and he seemed to be a rather charming and gentle man. For some reason, however, Corinne felt that he looked familiar, though she could not remember where or when she saw him

She reciprocated his handshake as a courtesy. It’s no big deal.” 

Juan smiled politely and shook her hand. What was supposed to be a brief handshake turned into one that was slightly forceful all of a sudden. He even casually rubbed the tip of his finger against her palm. Corinne was startled by what happened as she looked at Juan with a frown.

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

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