The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 11

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Tommy had a conflicted expression as he sat in the front passenger seat. He motioned for the driver to pull over and stop the car before he told the driver to get down with him. 

A sullen-faced Corinne held the hem of the big white T-shirt with both hands and slowly began pulling it up. 

Jeremy rested his forehead lazily on his knuckles. His indifferent gaze fell on her, and there was a hint of playfulness in the depths of his handsome eyes. 


Back at Alpha Enterprises, Richard—the general manager—was severely reprimanded by his boss Alfred because of improper employment practices of letting relatives in without proper conduct. Alfred gave him an ultimatum, too, that if he failed to figure out a way to recoup that day’s losses and there was a resulting failure to reach a cooperation with the Holdens in that project, he would have to pack up and leave like his idiot of a relative, Zoe. 

Richard was in a state of desperation, so he drove out to get in touch with his contacts and find a solution. Just as he was worrying about whether or not he could keep his job, he spotted Jeremy’s car parked on the side of the road. 

Jeremy was still nearby. What a wonderful stroke of luck that was! He could use that opportunity to explain to Jeremy the reasons for the mistakes in the plan and, in the process, try to salvage some hope from that hopeless situation! 

With that in mind, Richard parked the car nearby and jogged toward the black Mercedes-Benz MPV up ahead. 

Heavy tint had been applied on the windows of that luxurious vehicle, making it impossible for anyone outside the vehicle to tell if there was anyone inside. 

Richard cautiously looked at the car window and called out, “Mister Jeremy? Are you in the car, Mister Jeremy? Mister Jeremy?” 

The soundproofing used in luxury cars was just as good, so Richard’s voice did not travel into the car. 

‘Is the car empty? Did Mister Jeremy go somewhere? Where could he have gone?’ 

Richard glanced around but did not see anyone around him, so he put his hand on the door handle and tried to open the door. 

At that moment, Jeremy, still inside the car with Corinne, had an aloof expression and showed no intention to help Corinne out of the predicament. Meanwhile, Corinne did not intend to just give in to the man. 

After all, she had just been bullied by his sister earlier that morning, and if she did not take a stand right then, she would be treated like a pushover by the Holdens for the coming three months. 

Corinne gritted her teeth and took off the T-shirt. 

Fortunately, she had worn a small singlet underneath. There might not be much fabric, but it was not revealing either. 

Jeremy’s eyes froze slightly, and his brow furrowed into a frown! ‘Is she really going to take the shirt off?!’ 

All of a sudden, the car door was pulled open, letting in a ray of sunlight and cold air into the car. 

A strong force pulled Corinne over before she could react. As soon as her eyes saw a blur, a pleasantly masculine fragrance of ambergris mixed with the tobacco filled her nostrils, and her heart began to pound rapidly. 

Jeremy reacted very quickly, and it took him only a split second to cover Corinne’s body with the suit jacket he took off earlier and set to one side. He then pressed her body close to his so that her bare body would not be exposed to others. 

Richard opened the door and happened to see Mister Jeremy holding a woman in his arms. The woman’s face was buried in Mister Jeremy’s chest, and she was wrapped in a man’s clothes. As his gaze traveled lower, he could see only the woman’s fair, slender legs. 

Stunned, his jaw practically dropped to the ground. 

It did not take long for him to realize that he had seen something he should not have, and he immediately broke out in a cold sweat. “Ah! I’m so—sorry, Mister Jeremy! I was calling you from outside, but I didn’t get a response, so I—” 

Jeremy continued to hug the woman tightly in his arms and glanced up coldly before snarling, “F*ck off!” 

Richard closed the car door at once and wiped away the sweat from his forehead. He felt both nervous and uneasy. 

He was surely doomed after disrupting Jeremy’s ‘personal time’. 

Corinne was hugged so tightly that nearly ran out of breath. 

She had to wiggle a bit from his embrace to stretch her head out of his cocoon of a jacket. With a frown, she asked, “What are you doing, mister?” 

Jeremy lowered his head and looked at the girl in his arms. There were traces of displeasure on her face. 

He was appalled that she could still be angry at him. Had he left the situation as is without doing anything, he would have seen her all naked! He began to wonder if she even had any sense of shame. 

After snapping out of his daze, a sullen-looking Jeremy released her from his embrace and said solemnly, “Put that shirt on right now. You’re the Holdens’ young madam now, and your every word and action represent the Holdens. Next time, don’t ever do something as shameful as taking off your shirt for no good reason.” 

‘Shameful? Weren’t you the one who wanted me to take it off?’ Corinne smiled sarcastically. “I guess this means I got your permission to wear your shirt, then?” 

Jeremy frowned slightly, yet there was a little smirk on the corners of his lips. This young woman truly was a vengeful person. 

“Go ahead.” 

Corinne snorted, moved to one side, and put on her shirt. 

Jeremy did not look at her again. He turned his face away, got up, and slammed the car door shut as he got down from the vehicle. 


Richard was shaking like a leaf as he explained everything to Tommy, “Mister Tommy, I didn’t do it on purpose! Could you please explain to Mister Jeremy on my behalf…” 

Tommy heard the sound of the car door closing and saw Jeremy approaching them. “Sir…” 

Richard felt a chill down his spine and immediately turned to bow apologetically. “Mister Jeremy, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to open the door earlier…” 

Jeremy’s black eyes were cold and stern. “What did you see?” 

Richard froze for a moment and shook his head violently. “Nothing! Nothing at all!” 

Tommy took a step forward, bowed, and pleaded for forgiveness. “Sir, your sister called earlier, and I went to one side to answer the call. It was my fault for not noticing that someone was approaching the car.” 

Jeremy glanced at Tommy indifferently and said nothing. He lowered his head, lit a cigarette, then turned to look at Richard, “Well, you’ve already followed me to my car, so tell me, why are you here?” 

Richard immediately said, “Mister Jeremy, my name is Richard Channing from Alpha Enterprises. We just met back at the company! I… Umm… I’m here to explain the error you saw today. The plan was manipulated by one of the company’s interns for their personal interests, and that’s not our company’s true standards. I hope you’ll give us another chance to show you the real deal.” 

Jeremy took a puff from his cigarette and cocked his handsome eyebrows. “Manipulated? Was it the one who fixed your computer system?” 

Richard froze for a moment, then shook his head awkwardly. “Uh…no. It was another one! But not to worry, as both the interns have been fired, and we’ll guarantee that there won’t be any more mistakes in the future! If you have the time, perhaps you could—” 

“I do not.” Jeremy’s expression darkened and he glanced at the back seat of the car from the corner of his eyes. ‘She was fired?’ 

Jeremy signaled to Tommy with a glance. He surmised that Corinne had gotten dressed, so he turned and walked toward the car. 

Richard hurriedly followed behind, “Mister Jeremy! This is a good project, and all I ask is for you to give me a bit of your time. Twenty minutes is more than enough…” 

Tommy did not hide his displeasure as he stopped Richard and warned, “He’s made it clear that he doesn’t have the time, Richard. Nothing good will come out of pestering him.” 

Richard froze for a moment and did not dare to pester Jeremy any further. He retreated to the side of the road, saw them off with a bow, and watched as the luxury Mercedes-Benz drove away before his eyes. 

Entertaining his requests was the last thing that Jeremy wanted to do, what with a woman waiting for him inside the car. Richard had no choice but to find another chance some other day. 

At that moment, Corinne felt that the air in the car was too stuffy, so she lowered the window slowly to let in some fresh air. 

Richard looked up at the car and was completely stunned. 

That woman in Jeremy’s car bore a striking resemblance to Corinne, whom he had fired earlier that day!

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

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