The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 10

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Zoey stared at the Mercedes-Benz that slowly drove off. In a fit of jealousy, she returned to the company and cooked up wild stories for her colleagues. 

“Do any of you know why Corinne could leave so happily? Turns out, she’s a sugar baby to a rich old man! She doesn’t need to care whether or not she has a job!” 

‘Sugar baby?’ The employees were intrigued by the gossip, and they all surrounded Zoey to find out what was going on. 

Zoey described the situation with a generous amount of exaggeration. “Out of the kindness of my heart, I decided to head down and return some of the stuff that Corinne left behind. You won’t believe what I saw. She was sitting on the lap of some fat old man inside this luxurious car! I don’t think I need to explain what she was doing, right?” 

“An old man, you say? How old is old?” 

“Over sixty, I guess.” 

“Whoa, there. Isn’t that old enough to be her grandfather? I didn’t expect Corinne to be such a degenerate!” 

“Tsk, tsk, tsk! Just goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover.” 

Unable to tolerate those remarks anymore, Joanna stood up and retorted loudly, “Enough with your nonsense, Zoey. Corinne isn’t that kind of woman!” 

Zoey sneered. “Me? Talking nonsense? I saw it with my own eyes! If you don’t believe me, you can take a look at the company’s surveillance footage and see for yourself if Corinne got into a Mercedes-Benz just outside the main entrance!” 

Joanna pursed her lips angrily, knowing that she did not have the authority to check the company’s surveillance footage. 

Zoey was clearly being a bully. She was the one who chased Corinne away, and she dared to badmouth her in the company. It was utterly despicable! 

Unable to fight against Zoey, Joanna sat down and continued her work, all while she tried to keep her emotions in check. Within seconds of going on her computer, however, she realized that something was different. 

“Hmm? What’s this? Why is there an extra folder on my computer desktop?” 

Another colleague of hers added, “I have an extra folder on my computer. too. What is this?” 

“That’s weird. I have that folder, too! I’m clicking in to see what it is…” 

The entire office fell silent after everyone opened the folder and saw the contents. Seconds later, looks of disgust, contempt, and derision were directed in Zoey’s direction. 

Zoey was displeased to be stared at by her colleagues. “Why are all of you looking at me like that?” 

Joanna stood up again with much more conviction than before. She said aloud, “The one playing computer games at work was you all along. You’re the reason why the entire company’s computers were hacked, too!” 

Zoey was taken by surprise by the accusation and retorted guiltily, “Stop making all that up, Joanna! You have no evidence whatsoever! Mind your words, or I’ll sue you for defamation!” 

All the evidence that Joanna had in hand led her confidence to increase. “Making it up, you say? Wasn’t it you who met someone online and pretended that you liked him just so you’d get some item from a game? You blocked him as soon as you got what you wanted, didn’t you? Turns out, he was a professional hacker, and he not only hacked into your computer but the company’s system too! 

“And what did you do? You blamed everything on Corinne! Even the presentation that went wrong in today’s meeting was your doing. You tampered with it while I wasn’t paying attention; all the evidence is inside the folder. 

“The hacker gathered every single one of your misdeeds, compiled them into a folder, and distributed copies to every single employee!” 

Zoey began to feel guilty when her colleagues shot her with all those strange looks. 

She rushed back to her workstation to check if it was true, and sure enough, the extra folder on the computer desktop contained screenshots of her chat history with the online friend, as well as screenshots of the surveillance video of when she secretly manipulated the presentation. 

‘How could this have happened?!’ Zoey shrieked internally. 

Alfred came out of the office with a stern and sullen expression, He shouted angrily, “Which one of you is Zoey? The company doesn’t need a troublemaker like you. Pack your bags and leave!” 

Zoey’s face turned pale as she wondered if Alfred also had the same folder in his computer. 

When Richard heard Alfred’s roar, he hurried out of the office with a very disturbed expression on his face. 

Zoey saw him rush out and immediately ran over to ask for help. “Uncle, help me, please! I…” 

Richard shot Zoey a vicious glare and pushed her away before walking off. He wanted nothing to do with a relative who had proven to be such a grand failure. 

In the end, Zoey’s salary was deducted completely, and she was fired on the spot. She left the company in the most shameful way possible. 

Karma truly was a b*tch. 

Joanna could not have been happier, and she immediately took out her cell phone and sent a message informing Corinne of the good news. 


At that moment, the luxury Mercedes-Benz MPV drove slowly on the road, and Corinne sat at the far end of the rear seat while holding her belongings. Beside her was Jeremy, the man she had just wedded, but ever since she got in the car, Jeremy did not once raise his head or look at her. All he did was stare at his phone with an indifferent expression. 

When her phone beeped twice, Corinne put to one side the box that she was holding and picked up the phone to look at the message. It was a message from Joanna, detailing how Zoey had been fired while Richard was severely reprimanded by Alfred. 

Corinne’s lips curled up in a smirk. The outcome did not surprise her in the least. 

After the hacker told her the reason why he hacked Alpha Enterprises’ system, she only gave the hacker one suggestion: take revenge against the person in question and avoid doing anything that would implicate innocent people. 

Zoey’s malicious intentions and misbehavior had to be punished. 

Corinne unconsciously crossed her legs after replying to Joanna’s message, and her actions led her fair thighs to overlap one over the other. Since she was only wearing a men’s T-shirt, the hem moved up a little while she sat, and the sunlight that came in through the car window made her porcelain-white skin glow a little, almost like it was sparkling in snow. 

The man’s handsome eyebrows cocked up slightly as if blinded by the white light. 

He glanced at her fair-skinned, slender legs next door, and realized that they were almost as thick as his forearm. Meaning, they were too thin. 

“Is this how young girls like you attract a man’s attention?” 

Corinne looked at Jeremy suspiciously. “Huh? But I’m not even doing anything, mister.” 

Jeremy put away his phone and stared at her. “Then what are you wearing?” 

Corinne lowered her head to look and came to a realization. “Oh, this? It’s yours. The clothes that the maid gave me this morning ended up getting dirty, and since I couldn’t wear them, my only choice was to wear your shirt.” 

The man rested his forehead on one hand, and the frown on his face suggested he was displeased by what he heard. “Did I give you permission to?” 

Corinne rolled her eyes and muttered to herself in disdain. “Why do I have to call him and ask for his permission? It’s just a shirt. Are all old men so petty?” 

Besides, she did not have his phone number either, so she could not get his permission even if she wanted to. 

Jeremy’s veins were bulging from his forehead. “What did you just say?” 

Corinne smiled sheepishly. “I said… Do old men like you enjoy it when your new wife makes the headlines for running around naked the day after the wedding?” 

Jeremy was speechless. ‘Old man? Am I that old?’ He narrowed his brooding eyes slightly and said, “And if I say I don’t care?” 

Corinne gritted her teeth. “Then I’ll take it off right now, give it back to you, and start running around in my birthday suit!” 

The corner of Jeremy’s lips twitched teasingly. “Sure. Take it off.” 

If a god of luck existed, then Corinne felt that she had probably done something serious to offend him. That seemed to be the only explanation for why a weird old man like Jeremy would come into her life! 

After a brief silence, Corinne said, “Fine. I’ll take it off if you want!”

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

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