Stop It, She’s Remarrying! By Stellar Strands Chapter 2

Stop It She’s Remarrying! By Stellar Strands Chapter 2

Chapter 2

She knew that there was no happy ending in her story. If she begged him, she would lose whatever was left of her pride.

At the hospital, Conrad still played his role as a good husband. He went over to the reception to register her and did all the necessary paperwork before taking her to the doctor’s consultation office.

“Doctor, my wife is having a stomachache. Can you please see if anything’s wrong?”

The doctor glanced at Conrad before saying, “Please wait outside.”

Before leaving, Conrad gave Fia a pat and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll just be outside.”

“Sure,” Fia said as she lowered her head and quickly wiped the tears that were starting to fall from her eyes as he turned around.

The doctor took out a stethoscope and said, “Lift up your shirt.”

Her belly was indeed getting a bit puffed. Since they were already paying for the service, she didn’t want to waste the opportunity, so she lifted her shirt for the doctor to examine her.

After a minute, the doctor also checked her pulse.

“I don’t hear anything, so you should be fine.”

“I see,” Fia answered disinterestedly. She was feeling sad as soon as she realized that after this, Conrad would no longer be accompanying her to the hospital when she felt sick in the future.

“When was your last menstruation?”

“What?” Fia asked as she snapped back to reality. Why was he asking about her period?

The doctor smiled and said, “Despite being in the gastroenterology department, I’m quite skilled in alternative medicine if I may say so myself.”


“From the looks of it, you might be pregnant.”

Fia smiled bitterly. “That’s impossible. I’m infertile. Despite me taking medicine, there haven’t been any results.”

The doctor frowned and said, “Infertile? Is it because of your general physiology or the size of your womb? I should give it a closer examination.”

“Thank you, doctor. But there’s no need for that.”

“Looks like your husband loves you a lot. Don’t give up. If you have a child, it can improve your relationship and your in-laws won’t disrespect you as much.”

Fia shook her head. Only she knew the unpleasant situation she was in.

If he really loved her, would he ask for a divorce at all?

The doctor then asked, “Should I write a note for a follow-up examination…?”

“It’s okay, doctor. We’re getting a divorce.”

The doctor sighed. “Well, every family has their own trials to pass. It’s not that easy for two people to form a family together. If it isn’t necessary for a divorce, don’t. Our technology is getting very advanced. Even if medicine isn’t working, you can try artificial fertilization.”

When Fia heard the word “artificial fertilization”, she could no longer hold her tears back.

She had tried to persuade him in the past. But Conrad refused, saying that he didn’t like children.

As the memory of it flooded back to her, the fact that he had never wanted to live with her for the rest of her life dawned on her. Perhaps, he had been planning for the divorce a long time ago. He would never want a child with her if that was the case!

“What did the doctor say?” Conrad asked as he hastily approached her when he saw her leave the doctor’s office.

“It’s nothing. I’ll get better after some rest.”

Conrad pinched her cheek and said, “I told you not to eat so much ice cream. You’re the one in pain when you get sick.”

Fia tried her best to give him a smile, but she caught sight of an elegant figure standing not far away.

It was as if she was forced to take a cold shower. She then stared icily at him.

When he met her eyes, he explained, “Esme was nearby.”

“Long time no see, Fia.” Esme Manning walked over gracefully and stood by Conrad’s side.

She looked at the two of them. A handsome man and a beautiful woman… They were still fit for each other, just like three years ago.

In that instance, Fia felt like she was pulled back into the past. She was like a clown, unable to raise her head before the noble prince and princess.

Esme took Conrad’s arm and said, “I heard from Conrad that you’re not feeling well, so I came over to check up on you. How’s the examination? Is everything alright?”

“I’m fine.” Fia tried to force a smile. “When did you come back?”

“This morning. Conrad picked me up from the airport.”

She came back earlier in the morning. And then, he just couldn’t wait to ask her for a divorce.

He loved her so deeply… So deep that he was unwilling to wait for even a day.

Conrad wanted to pull his arm away but Esme didn’t let go. Instead, she said in a graceful tone, “Fia, where will you go after the divorce?

“You like to paint, right? I have lots of friends and one of them operates an art gallery. Do you want me to introduce you to him for a job?”

Despite the caring tone that Esme used, Fia felt that the reason Esme wanted to get her to work was that she was worried that she would spend Conrad’s money.

“Esme, you should head back to the hotel. I’ll send Fia home,” Conrad said as he felt things were very awkward between them as they chatted.

“We’re all friends. There’s nothing to be worried about. Let’s send Fia home together.”


“Conrad, I left the country for three years and so many things have changed. I don’t want to be alone.”

“What are you talking about? Your parents are still waiting for you at home.”

Esme held Conrad’s arm tightly and then said in a flirtatious tone, “I want you to send me home. I don’t want to go home alone. Come on… Conrad.”

When Fia saw them flirting with each other right in front of her, she felt as if a knife was stabbed right into her heart.

They still hadn’t divorced yet!

Conrad frowned and said, “Maybe we can send Esme home first, Fia?”

“You can go. I’m not feeling well so I’m not going,” Fia said. She didn’t want to see her uncle and aunt’s faces anyway.

For the past three years, they would always make her up to be a shameless woman who married Conrad when Esme was overseas whenever they met up during family gatherings.

The marriage was decided by her maternal grandmother and Conrad’s paternal grandfather. Three years ago, Conrad’s grandfather was critically ill and wanted to see Conrad get married. However, Esme was seeing the best years of her career then so she escaped from the marriage by going overseas. Her grandmother was so angry that she had Fia marry Conrad instead.

Even if she didn’t love Conrad back then, she would still have had no choice but to marry him.

However, her uncle and aunt never considered the situation. They would belittle her however and whenever they could. Even her mother was dragged into this.

“Why don’t you let your personal assistant, Silas, send her back? I’ve been away for so long and I have a lot to talk to you about. You don’t know how much I’ve suffered out there for the past three years.”

Conrad looked at Fia helplessly and said, “Just stay here for a bit. I’ll have Silas come over and pick you up.”

“Sure.” Fia hid her pout and looked away after glancing at the two of them.

When they were out together in the past, he would never leave her alone.

With Esme’s return, she was no longer the special one.

“Ah! I left my bag in the reception hall downstairs! I have some very important things inside!” Esme suddenly said anxiously. “Can you get it for me, Conrad?”

“Sure, I’ll go grab it,” Conrad said as he turned and left.

Fia wanted to leave. She got a feeling that Esme intentionally made Conrad leave.

“Let’s talk, Fia.” Esme pulled Fia by the arm. She put so much force into it that it hurt her.

Fia used her other hand to free herself from Esme’s grasp and said, “Don’t touch me.”

“Wow. You’re getting quite feisty. You must feel so great getting addressed as Mrs. Maxwell for the past three years. However, you have to return whatever you’ve stolen in the end, don’t you think so?”

Fia glared at her and said, “Seems like your tongue is getting sharper and sharper.”

Stop It, She’s Remarrying! By Stellar Strands

Stop It, She’s Remarrying! By Stellar Strands

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: Stop It, She’s Remarrying! By Stellar Strands- A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption "Stop It, She’s Remarrying!" is a touching and poignant novel by Vera Whitehead that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. The story follows Zi, a young woman grieving the loss of her husband, as she drives across the breathtaking Irish countryside. While she works to restore her life, she unearths a puzzling link to a long-forgotten family secret that has the power to completely alter everything. This article will examine this emotional and powerful story and why it is a must-read for anyone who loves contemporary romance or women's fiction.

The Synopsis: Stop It, She’s Remarrying! By Stellar Strands

Fia Lawson had been in love with Conrad Maxwell for years. She knew that he had a childhood friend whom he loved, so she hid her feelings for him in the deepest part of herself. She never had any expectations about it. Then one day, his beloved suddenly left the country and she was forced to become the sacrificial lamb for their families’ alliance. After their marriage, he was the perfect husband. Even when he knew that she was infertile, he protected her. Three years later, while she was still drowning in bliss, he asked for a divorce and wanted her to set him free. “I’m pregnant.” “You’re lying. You’re infertile.” She finally had a child after being on medication for two years. She wanted to keep their marriage from falling apart. “Our marriage is a mistake. If we’re going to separate, we should cut each other off completely!” The only thing that could match the level of anguish she felt was how deep her love was for him.

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This novel is based on the dark side of marriage and divorce. It’s a romantic genre story to read with the characterization of couple Keegan Kate and Stella Jewells following up with many incidents around.

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Who Is The Author Of  Stellar Strands?

The novel comes under the authorship of  Stellar Strands.

The book's "Stop It, She’s Remarrying! By Stellar Strands" approach to the issues of grief, loss, and healing is one of the things that makes it so compelling and alluring. Analyzing these difficult emotions and demonstrating how they can impact every aspect of a person's life, the author does a great job. Given that the people in the novel are well-developed and relatable, it is simple to grasp their struggles and successes. A strong and resilient character that goes through a substantial metamorphosis throughout the book is Sarah in particular. Another aspect of the book that stands out is its beautiful setting. The author's vivid descriptions of the Irish landscape and culture make the story come alive and transport the reader to another world. The writing style is also engaging and easy to read, with a perfect balance of dialogue and description. The work progresses quickly and keeps the reader interested from start to finish. Everyone who has experienced loss or is seeking hope and healing will be able to relate to the beautifully written and touching narrative "Stop It, She’s Remarrying!." The book's ability to depict Ireland's beauty and magic is one of the things I appreciated most about it. It is simple to become lost in the story due to the rich and enthralling descriptions of the cultures, people, and traditions. But occasionally the pace of the plot felt languid, and some of the characters seemed underwritten. Despite these slight shortcomings, the story's overall impact is substantial. In conclusion, "Stop It, She’s Remarrying!" is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women's fiction.


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