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Unwanted Her by TrashInLove

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Synopsis Unwanted Her by TrashInLove

Title: Unwanted Her by TrashInLove – A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption…”Unwanted Her by TrashInLove” is a touching and poignant novel by Clarissa Doyle that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing.

Synopsis: Unwanted Her by TrashInLove 2023

Unwanted meaning:- Undesired, unwished. That’s what she was in his life, she waited for a decade for his return only to be declared as a forced unwanted woman. He discarded her, rejected her, broke her to her ending limit that she finally accepted that he was no longer the man she gave her heart to. But what will happen when her innocence started playing with his reluctant heart? “Unwanted Her by TrashInLove” Even the slightest thought of her hand being placed in another man’s burned his insides in jealousy. But why? Wasn’t he the one who wanted this fate? A bitter rejection leaded to a slight attraction turning into a vicious obsession. Will she be able to handle his possessive madness when she already gave up on him? Will he stop putting his claim on her when this time it was her who rejected him? The answer was no. His obsession was beyond the limit, control and ethics. Unwanted Her. A heartbreaking tale of an innocent soul. A tale of her unwanted love and his unwanted obsession.

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Unwanted Her by TrashInLove

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Has Unwanted Her by TrashInLove

Drop by Unwanted Her by TrashInLove A Good Novel To Read Online?

Yes, of course, you will definitely enjoy this newest novel, Unwanted Her by TrashInLove . It is getting popular and easily available to read online with all its chapters.

What Storyline Did Unwanted Her by TrashInLove?

This novel is based on the dark side of marriage and divorce. It’s a romantic genre story to read with the characterization of couple Unwanted Her by TrashInLove following up with many incidents around.

How Many Chapters Are There In Unwanted Her by TrashInLove Novel Read Online?

You can read all chapters of Unwanted Her by TrashInLove novel online. In fact, the story or book is available with complete status.

Who Is The Author Of Unwanted Her by TrashInLove?

The novel A Spoonful of Unwanted Her by TrashInLove the authorship of Eleven Jewells.


Author’s Pov

Hands joined, eyes closed and lips moving in a slow rhythm as she recited her prayers silently. Peace, that’s what she felt whenever she came to this place, even though God has given her a luxurious life any man would die to get but the peace this place provided her each time could never be compared to any other luxury of this world.

Sighing blissfully she unfolded her deep blue eyes letting them fall on the statue of Jesus as she thanked him infinitely times for providing her the life she had gotten without asking for it. She felt a light pat over her head making her tilt her head up like a curious kitten.

A small smile cracked up on her lips finding the man that was always there to provide her the warmth of a brother even though he wasn’t her blood related but their bond said something else. Carefully standing up from the kneeling position she smiled at him.

“Good morning, Evan.” She greeted him and he reciprocated right away withdrawing his hand from her head.

“Morning princess, dad informed me about your arrival.” She nodded in acknowledgment.

“Yes I just met him a while ago, but where is he?” Freya questioned looking around the church trying to find his father but he was nowhere to be seen, her curious eyes broke away from looking here and there hearing a soft chuckle.

Unwanted Her by TrashInLove “He had some work at home so he called me to come here in his absence, and fortunately you are here so I wouldn’t be bored.” She chuckled at his words.

“You still don’t want to follow in your father’s footsteps?“Unwanted Her by TrashInLove” ” Evan sighed shaking his head confirming his rejection.

“I don’t want to be a priest Freya, My dream is completely opposite of what my father does, I want to earn money and start my own business, I want to become successful so I could give my father relaxed life ahead.” Freya instantly understood his turmoil and gave him support by warmly touching his shoulder with her small hand.

“I believe in you, one day you will be really successful I have a faith in you.” She declared with a proud tone making the man in front of her smile widely at her proclamation, she knew how to put smiles on others’ faces.

Evan’s father wasn’t a priest till he reached the age of 30, he married Evan’s mother before following the religious path and that was after he lost his wife, Evan was only 5 years old when both father and son lost their mother, and wife in an accident. “Unwanted Her by TrashInLove” The accident gave Evan’s father a new life and he decided to devote it to the one he had a faith in.

Evan’s father wanted his son to follow his footsteps and become a priest but Evan refused, even though the young man had always been an ethical and religious being but he didn’t want to become a devotee of God, he wanted to achieve a lot in his life and being an understanding father he didn’t force his decisions on his son and eventually let Evan pursue his dream.

Freya and Evan met in this church, Evan sometimes stayed behind to look after the Church whenever his father had to do some work, and one day left surprised when he was looking after the place he witnessed an innocent fragile girl crying her heart out in front of her God, Evan couldn’t stop himself from feeling empathic towards her and went near.

He kneeled beside her and consoled her with his sweet comforting words, they both that day grew a strong bond and they didn’t even notice when their simple friendship turned so strong to the extent that they became unbreakable. “Unwanted Her by TrashInLove”  Evan grew to admire Freya watching her trust in God and devotion to her one and only fiance.

Yes, she had a fiance, but she never shared much about that anonymous guy with Evan except his name and what their relationship was, he had asked her many times if she ever talked with her fiance but her answer was always negative. Her devotion and love for that unknown man sometimes surprise him.

How can she love someone without talking to him? She was a puzzle that he even after 6 years of being together wasn’t able to solve. Freya had been betrothed to that unknown guy and she eventually devoted her life to him but what worried Evan was the question, does the guy feel the same? Was he waiting for her the same way she had been hanging onto him for the last 10 years?

Freya was an angel, an innocent pure angel, and for Evan, she deserved the world, he always prayed for that guy to love and cherish her madly, she was like a fragile soft flower that could whither away if you ever applied even the slightest bit of force. She had always been like a little sister to him and he like a big brother wanted nothing but her peace and happiness.

Finally, Freya realized how late it was and decided to return to the mansion, as soon as she reached she didn’t waste a second and prepared the coffee before making her way to his study room, softly knocking she entered the place and let the tray be placed on the office table.

“Good morning uncle,” Her uncle raised his usual scary eyes making her clutch her dress in anxiety. The color of his eyes always darkened when he looked at her. “Unwanted Her by TrashInLove”  She always questioned God why he had to give amber eyes to such a dominant man making him scarier than anything else.

“You’re late,” He announced narrowing his eyes at her making her gulp down. Yes, she was late, for exactly two minutes. Her uncle was always strict with being punctual literally, he couldn’t even tolerate anyone being late even for a second except for his wife.

“I-I am sorry, I-I was at the church and f-forgot the ti—” She instantly clapped her lips together when the man removed his spectacles and calmly placed them on the table.

“Again that church?” He inquired making her bit her inner cheek and nod her head.

“I already told you I don’t like that priest’s boy yet you’re still meeting him!” He strictly darkened his voice slightly making the tears prickle in her eyes as she stared at the table in sadness.

“H-He’s just a f-friend—” Her trembling voice didn’t go unnoticed by him as he sighed heavily.

“Hope it stays that way but I will still remind you one thing Freya,” He paused before leaning his back against the chair.

“You’re my son’s fiance, you belong to him. And I have already told you once, men in our family are really possessive about their women, so it will be better if you try to reduce the meetings with that boy because next month my son is coming back and I will fulfill this obligation the moment he will arrive here. I hope I am clear.” Freya instantly nodded her head still gazing at the table.

“Y-Yes uncle I understand.” The old man hummed and she left the office room with trembling legs.

Finally, when he was out of her sight she took a deep breath of relief, reaching her room she immediately took a seat on the bed controlling her throbbing heart, her uncle had never raised his voice at her, invaded her personal space, or even tried to dominate her in a wrong way yet he had such an aura that can scare you right away. “Unwanted Her by TrashInLove” Especially his eyes. And the fact that her fiance has inherited his father’s eyes made her shiver but reminding herself that his eyes never scared her, her heart eased up a bit.

Suddenly her heart pumped with happiness, she smiled remembering his words, my son is coming next month and I want to fulfill this obligation the moment he will arrive here. “Unwanted Her by TrashInLove” She couldn’t believe it, 10 years! After 10 years of being his fiance and naming herself his, he was going to be here.

“Unwanted Her by TrashInLove” She slowly pulled the sleeve of her dress up revealing her dainty wrist which had the small bracelet he gave her when she was just 12 years old and he strictly told her never to remove this from her wrist. She still remembered that was the last time she saw him and he promised her when he will come back he wouldn’t let her out of his sight ever again.

The bracelet had worn out a little but it was still the most cherished possession of hers, not even a single day had been passed that she didn’t wear this bracelet. Call her crazy but it still reminded her of him, it still smelled like him to her, and it still held the same passion for her the way it did 10 years ago.

“Unwanted Her by TrashInLove” She was betrothed to him the day she turned 2 years old, she was adopted by this family and she couldn’t express in words how lucky she considered herself for being handed to them. Her aunt was the sweetest person alive, she had treated Freya like her own daughter and raised her like a pure fresh flower. Her aunt was religious that’s why her devotion to her religion enticed Freya and she started praying as well.

Even though her uncle had been nothing but a controlling and strict man, she never got any fatherly love from his side or even a slight smile of affection but she still was grateful to him, he provided her everything she could only dream of, today if she was a graduate then it was because of him if she had food to eat and a shelter to live under then it was always because of him.

The man may have never shown any love towards her as a father but he had done more than what she had expected from him, if today he would ask her to give up on her life for him she would do it without any question or word. That much he meant to her. Maybe he never considered her as his daughter but she loved him as her father.

“Unwanted Her by TrashInLove” Freya grew up with everyone telling her that she was meant to be wedded to her uncle and aunt’s son, and she decided to devote herself to him, thinking about the time they spent in childhood day and night she didn’t even notice when her childish crush molded into an innocent love. She started planning her life with him, she started thinking of all the things they will do after their marriage.

Her biggest dream was to build a beautiful house with him, her one and only.

Leonard Ajax Steve

“Leo,” I tested his name for G od knows how many times, she just couldn’t wait to meet him after so many years.

Leonard and Freya used to be really close in childhood but when he turned 17 and Freya was 12, he was sent overseas for higher studies and to learn about his family business. “Unwanted Her by TrashInLove” Leonard was the sweetest yet the most possessive boy she had ever met, he always told her how she was his, and having an extremely submissive nature Freya admired his dominance. She might sound weird but she liked the way he affected her. But what she failed to understand was the fact that,

The promises made in the phase of immaturity were meant to be broken.


In conclusion: 

“Unwanted Her by TrashInLove” This story will include, obsession, and possessive behavior which might reflect toxic relationship as well. The male lead is an extremely dominant and egoistic person, he’s like the type, if she’s not mine then she’s of no one. He can come out as manipulative, obsessive, psychotic, and maybe abusive as well. So be alert, the story is about anguished love with a touch of obsession and craziness. You will surely love it. Now if anything from the above disturbs you or you don’t like to read then you can skip, even though I would love it if you give a try to my story.


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