My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon Chapter 6

My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon Chapter 6

Read My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon Chapter 6 – Breaking His Plan

Conrad was taken aback by Janet’s tough attitude and frowned.

Although the Longfellow Group was the property of the Longfellow family, he had already emptied it after all these years. When his last big project was completed, all the funds of the Longfellow family would become his, and he wouldn’t even care if the company actually became hers by then.

It would be just an empty shell anyway.

However, if he had revealed his conspiracy before the project was secured, it would be more challenging to get it done.

Thinking about it, Conrad cleared his throat, pretending to be caring for Janet.

“In that case, I will hand over the management of the Longfellow Group to you. If you have anything you don’t understand, ask me, and I will definitely tell you everything.”

A cold light flashed in Janet’s eyes, but she smiled and said, “I believe in my ability. I can do it well.”

She thought it would take a lot of trouble, but she didn’t expect Conrad to compromise so quickly.

That was great,

because it saved her from the trouble of finding a way to deal with him.

She looked at the group of people in the conference room. Her voice was not loud, but the words she said were extremely shocking.

“Now that I’m in charge of the company, I request that any ongoing financing projects be stopped immediately.”


“She’s going to suspend the project?”

Conrad’s complexion suddenly changed. He felt outraged and raised his voice uncontrollably. “The project is doing well. Why is it terminated? Juliana, you can’t mess around! We’ll suffer a great loss!”

He went through great difficulty to get this project. After it was done, he would never need to compromise and serve the Longfellow family again!

Although he had been in charge of the Longfellow family these years, nobody had ever respected and treated him like a family.



Everyone believed that Mrs. Longfellow would come back because she wasn’t dead, and Doherty could never actually be in charge of the Longfellow family’s business.

Besides, Juliana’s uncle Milton Smedley also loved to meddle in everything about the Longfellow family and keep an eye on him. If it weren’t for Milton, he would have emptied the property of the Longfellow Group long ago!

But now, Janet wanted to terminate the project, which meant cutting off his way to leave the Longfellow Group. He would never allow this to happen!

Janet glanced at Conrad’s excited expression and smiled. “I haven’t seen the project yet. Before proceeding, it needs to wait until I confirm there are no problems.”

The seniors looked at each other in shock, and then they all looked at Conrad.

These people had followed Conrad through life and death, but Juliana suddenly appeared halfway. Even if she was the daughter of the Longfellow family, in their opinion, she was just a kid in her early twenties. They didn’t believe she was actually able to

manage such a big company.

Conrad handed the company to Janet in front of everyone, but none of these seniors was convinced.

And now, Janet stopped the critical project that was in progress, affecting everyone’s interests. Her action was like a slap on everyone’s face.

None of the executives wasn’t annoyed. Barrett Kerr, the business department manager, stood up to argue with Janet.

“Miss, I know that you are the heir of the Longfellow family, but the company was earned by all of us through hard work. Did you ask us before making a decision? Did we agree?”

As soon as he said so, the others heard Barrett Kerr’s words and saw that Janet was just a girl who didn’t understand anything, so they all followed Barrett and condemned Janet together.

“Yeah! What do you know? Do you know anything about the damage if the project stops?”

“I object! The company can’t be handed to a kid! The project must continue. It’s our effort!”

“If this project is stopped today, I will f**king quit. Let’s see who dares to stop it!”

Seeing the seniors all react in a tough way, Conrad finally heaved a sigh of relief.

With them putting pressure on Janet, he didn’t believe that she, a young girl who had just joined the company, could defeat those seniors.

And Barrett, the manager who took the lead in opposing Janet, saw that the others had entangled with him, and he immediately gained confidence.

He looked at Janet and said coldly, “Did you see? If you don’t know how to manage a company, you should learn first. The project must not be stopped! Don’t do things that everyone disagrees with.“.

Janet looked at the group of people who opposed her one by one. She wasn’t panicked at all, and a trace of sarcasm flashed across her eyes.

Those people had worked for the company for a long time, many of whom were Conrad’s subordinates. It was not surprising that they opposed the suspension of the project.

Therefore, it was time to take some action.

She looked at Barrett, and her eyes fell on the name tag on his chest. He was the business department manager, and his position was not low.

“I don’t accept objections. You can only judge me when you have my position.”

“But you will never have the chance. From now on, you are no longer the manager of the Longfellow Group’s business department. You’re fired.”

Barrett was dumbfounded immediately. “What are you talking about? Do you want to fire me? Why?”

Janet stood in the conference room with an overbearing and arrogant aura.

She looked at Barrett coldly. “Because I am the president.”

My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon

My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon

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