My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon Chapter 4

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The badge of the Black Hawk was unique to the nobles of the Longfellow family!

The receptionist was extremely shocked. Although she didn’t know who Janet was, she immediately changed her indifferent attitude, walked up to Janet respectfully, and bowed.

“I’m sorry for my attitude. I didn’t know. Please forgive me. I will prepare an exclusive elevator for you.”

Janet’s eyes flickered, and she asked with a cold expression.

“Where is Conrad Doherty?”

Conrad was her uncle.

The car accident killed her father and made her mother a vegetable. Later, her uncle took her mother back home.

Her aunt and uncle were in charge of the Longfellow Group. To be precise, the company belonged to her uncle Conrad alone.

Seeing that Janet dared to call the president’s name directly, the receptionist was even more frightened and immediately invited Janet inside.

“I’ll take you there right away. This way, please.”

When Janet saw Conrad, he was in the conference room, holding a meeting for the senior management.

Conrad recently took over a big project. As long as the project was completed, all the assets of the Longfellow Group could be transferred to the company under his name.

Janet folded her arms and knocked on the door coldly.

Conrad was talking happily when interrupted, and his face darkened instantly. He looked at Janet, then stood up abruptly, looking very shocked.


Janet, who had been missing for ten years, wasn’t dead and even came back!


The people in the meeting room were shocked!

Isn’t this the little daughter that Mr. Longfellow loved most when he was alive?

Janet looked at Conrad’s surprised appearance and smiled coldly, then stepped into the office on high heels.

“It’s me, Uncle. Long time no see.”

Janet was the name her adoptive father gave her, and Juliana was her real name.

Conrad looked at Janet. When the accident happened ten years ago, she was already 14. Apart from being more beautiful than before, she had not changed a bit.

At this time, he suddenly remembered that Janet’s uncle, Milton Smedley, called him two days ago, saying that a special guest would visit the company today and asked him to treat them well.

He thought it would be someone from the Smedley family, but he didn’t expect that person to be Juliana!

“Juliana, you didn’t die! Where have you been for the past ten years? Why haven’t you come back?”

Conrad quickly restrained his emotions and faked his joy while holding Janet’s hand and pulling her closer. He pretended to be very loving and looked at her from head to toe.

“Great! You didn’t get hurt at all, and you’re still alive! That’s great!”

Janet calmly looked at him pretending to be courteous, and said with a faint smile, “Really? I hope you actually mean it.”

“What are you talking about? It is great news for me as long as you are safe and sound. Are you angry with me and think I haven’t looked for you in these years?” Conrad seemed very guilty.

“Actually, your aunt and I were looking for you all the time, but there was no news. We thought you… After your father passed

away, I had to work hard to take care of the company to keep the Longfellow family together. Juliana, you won’t blame me for this, will you?”

Janet was certain that he was talking nonsense.

But she didn’t expose him.

“How could I blame you? All these years, it’s all thanks to you that the company has achieved all kinds of goals.”

She was smiling, looking very sweet and well–behaved, but her words were very domineering.

“However, now that I’m back, you should leave the company’s affairs to me in the future!”

In the ward.

Nathaniel rushed to the hospital. As soon as he entered the ward, he saw Anastasia’s pale face. Her eyes were red and swollen, but she still seemed very pretty.

When she saw Nathaniel, her tears immediately streamed down.

“Nathaniel, the doctor said that my leg won’t get better. I’m disabled!”

Nathaniel, who was wearing a black suit, walked towards her. He stood beside the bed coldly, and his deep eyes were filled with



“Nathaniel, I’m so sad, I’m done.”

Anastasia hugged Nathaniel’s waist and clenched his shirt tightly. She stuck her pale face on his body, weeping and sobbing desperately.

He caressed her back and looked sharply at the doctor standing beside him.

“What’s her situation?”

The doctor was frightened by his strong aura and was somewhat terrified. He coughed and said, “The patient suffered from severe depression and broke her leg. The situation is not very good.”

Then, the doctor looked at Anastasia’s leg covered in white plaster. “And even if she recovers, she will never be able to dance


Anastasia’s s*bs suddenly turned into howls.

“Nathaniel, I’m a dancer, and I have to dance. Please, let them heal my leg! Please!”

The doctor was a bit embarrassed, so Nathaniel let him go out first.

Nathaniel and Anastasia were the only two left in the ward, as well as a faint smell of disinfectant.

Seeing her pale face, Nathaniel couldn’t help frowning.

“Anastasia, I’ll stay by your side. Don’t cry.”

He gently held her little face wet with tears and comforted her softly with his sharp tone.

Anastasia raised her head and met his comforting eyes. Her eyes were full of fear.

“Nathaniel, if I can’t dance in the future, my parents won’t like me anymore, and no one will like me anymore. Even you will leave me, won’t you?”

He made a promise to take care of her ten years ago, so he naturally wouldn’t leave her.

Nathaniel wiped her tears lightly. “Everybody likes you, and I won’t leave you either.”

“Really?” Anastasia seemed pitiful. “But, you are already married. Even if I can no longer dance, I can’t be the third wheel.”

“You won’t. I’m already divorced.”

Nathaniel didn’t like cry babies. Although Janet was annoying, no matter how many times he ridiculed her, she always smiled and never shed tears. He liked this fact very much.

But Anastasia was the person he liked, and she had suffered so much. So, he had a bit more patience and said softly,

“We’ll get married after your legs recover…”

My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon

My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon - A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption “My Past is Just Prologue” is a touching and poignant novel by Louisa Dillon that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Louisa Dillon  is a USA Today and international bestselling author of contemporary romance, erotic romance, and romantic suspense novels.
Read My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon – Janet Longfellow finally understood that a loveless marriage couldn’t last for long, so she asked for a divorce and left resolutely. Everyone was waiting to have a good laugh at her, and Nathaniel Webster was no exception. He believed Janet would come back to pray for his forgiveness sooner or later. However, he was slapped on the face every day after they got divorced. The heir of Longfellow Group? The mysterious genius of hacking? And she was even the well-known designer he wanted to work with! A popular best actor, a young racing driver, and an excellent rich single lined up to confess Janet. Nathaniel finally couldn’t sit still. He knocked on Janet’s door and confessed affectionately, “Honey, please forgive me. I love you, let’s remarry.” Janet responded, “Thank you, but I’m not interested. A loveless marriage can’t last long!” The tables had turned.
In conclusion, “My Past is Just Prologue” is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women’s fiction.   My Past is Just Prologue


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