My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon Chapter 17

My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon Chapter 17

Read My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon Chapter 17 – Janet’s Counterattack

This voice…

Coral rubbed her waist and looked up. She found that Janet was staring at her condescendingly.


Janet was coldly staring at her kneeling on the ground. Coral looked like a dog eating sh*t. She sneered, “Coral, if you don’t kowtow, it’s a waste of your graceful posture.”

It was the lunch break at noon. Many passers–by and Longfellow Group employees couldn’t help but look at Coral when seeing her hot appearance.

Soon, with Coral as the center and a radius of three feet around her, it was full of people.

At this moment, Coral’s slip dress was lifted to her waist because of her kneeling posture. The safety knickers pants were looming, and the suspenders were half down. Her chest was clear in front of everyone.

Coral was in pain and felt ashamed, wishing to find a cr*ck in the ground and get in quickly.


Seeing Janet, Ernest chicly walked up to her with his hand in his pocket. Standing together with her, he looked down at Coral who was kneeling in front of them.

Glancing at Ernest, Janet stood with an innocent face. “You saw it from that angle just now. I haven’t touched her from the beginning to the end. Bear witness to me, so that she won’t blackmail me.”

“Janet, why are you here?”

Coral covered her bare chest, feeling extremely embarrassed.

More and more people talked about her.

Shocked by this scene, Roxanne finally came to her senses. She immediately rushed into the crowd to help Coral who was kneeling on the ground.

“Coral, are you okay?”

“Why are you so cruel? You laughed at Coral without sending her to the hospital!”

As Coral’s best friend, Roxanne put a hand on her hip, complaining for her.

“It’s none of my business. She flattered and fell, making herself embarrassed.”

Janet said nonchalantly.

She glanced at Coral coldly, “Besides, this is my company. Since you live in my house, you have to ab*de by the rules of my house Who allowed you to go to my company to flirt? This is my workplace, not for fun. If you have to have fun, you should go

to a nightclub

Coral tightly clenched her fists hanging on both sides and stared at Janet’s cool expression with wide eyes. She wanted to rush up and grab Janet by the hair and beat her hard

But the pain in her leg, coupled with the embarrassment she had from Janet two days ago, she had no choice but to grit her

teeth and bear it.

At this time, Ernest stepped forward and naturally put his arms on Janet’s slender shoulders. “Jill, why bother to argue with a nobody? Look, Jill, you are so tired. I’ll take you to eat delicious food and mend your body”

Ernest acted as if he only served her alone. He was willing to be her bag–carrying man.

Janet’s beautiful eyes raised slightly. She smiled and let Ernest serve her.

Coral and Roxanne couldn’t believe what they saw. They looked at the scene in shock. Janet and Ernest?

The superstar of the new generation took the initiative to carry the bag for Janet, that ignorant woman?

Coral thought, “I have shown him my beautiful body just now, but he didn’t even glance at me.”

“But he is serving Janet!”

Coral was furious, saying, “Janet, what’s your relationship with him?”

At this time, Roxanne whispered in her ear, “Coral, didn’t you say that Janet changed from the rag to the rich? Do you think he is Janet’s toy boy?”

“Cut the cr*p!”

Coral gave Roxanne a serious look and gritted her teeth. “Are you blind? Who would be a toy boy of an ugly, sick and ignorant woman like Janet? Ernest is a star and a supermodel. If he is Janet’s toy boy, I will slap myself!”

Facing Coral’s embarrassed and annoyed appearance, Janet smiled. She turned her head and smiled charmingly at Ernest, saying, “They said you are my toy boy.”

Looking at her stunning face, Ernest smiled alluringly, “I am willing to serve you for no money and I can pay you. Can I be honored to have a chance?”

Coral and Roxanne were completely shocked!

Coral was stunned, she never thought that the person she liked was Janet’s simp.

The pain in the leg was far less uncomfortable than being humiliated. She was full of anger and unwillingness… She was too

ashamed to see others.

Janet stared at Coral coldly.

“Just now you said that if he was my toy boy, you would slap yourself, right?”

“Everyone has witnessed. Is that what she said?”

The people around witnessed the whole process and nodded in agreement.

Coral was dumbfounded. She bragged on the spur of the moment just now. She didn’t expect Ernest to go against her at this

moment. But it was true that she said that.

So many people were watching her!

Rolling her eyes, Coral twisted her skirt tightly. She turned around sharply.

Did she want to run away?

Janet blocked her way first.

She asked someone to get a chair. Sitting in front of Coral with arms folded, she said, “Come on, slap yourself.”

My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon

My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon

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