My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon Chapter 10

My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon Chapter 10

Read My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon Chapter 10 – Bullied

Beacher didn’t believe Janet’s one–sided words, and he only thought that she was forcing a smile.

He had watched her grow up since he was a child, and he knew her character very well.

Although others always said that she had a good personality and was well–behaved and sensible, he knew she was stubborn. Once she liked someone, it wasn’t easy to let go.

And now, she was even divorced. Nathaniel must have failed her.

Beacher frowned and sent a message to the group of his brothers.

“Jill’s Knights”

The Handsomest: “Our cousin was bullied!”

The next second, someone responded immediately.

F5: “I saw the divorce news, and it was taken down before I could make a move. I don’t know if she saw it.”

Beacher clicked on the profile picture of his second brother, and it was still black. He pursed his lips in disgust and sent a voice message: “You actually sent a message! I almost forgot that I have a second brother if it wasn’t for this matter!”

His second brother Marvin Smedley was a mathematical genius, but he didn’t like boring mathematics. He was obsessed with the Internet and even opened his own studio to study those codes and combinations.

Since Janet left three years ago, Marvin had also moved to the studio, and it was almost impossible to hear from him unless Beacher called him endlessly.

Sure enough, Marvin still cared about Janet a lot!

However, Marvin didn’t reply to Beacher’s voice message and simply ignored him.

Beacher couldn’t vent his resentment, so he sent countless voice messages to the group chat.

“The Handsomest sent a 53–second voice message.”

“The Handsomest sent a 49–second voice message.

“The Handsomest sent a 47–second voice message.”

“The Handsomest sent a 13–second voice message.”

“The Handsomest sent a 60–second voice message.”

Donahue Smedley: “I was in a meeting. Beacher, stop sending voice messages. I don’t have time to listen to you. Just type.”

The Handsomest: “Brother! Our cousin was bullied! Come back quickly!”

Donahue was the eldest son of the Smedley family. He was young but already quite famous in the business world. He was

gentle, decisive, and good at tricks. The others called him “the Smiling Tiger.”

Donahue Smedley: “I’ve already known. Take care of her, and don’t make her sad again.”

The Handsomest: “Of course. But the problem is that man is so wicked! I think he must have had an affair, and our cousin

divorced him because she found out. What a bas*ard!”

“F5 sent two pictures.”

Beacher opened the picture sent by his second brother and was so angry that he almost smashed his phone.

The picture was of Nathaniel and Anastasia..

The Handsomest: “He actually has an affair? How dare he act like this in the hospital? He wanted a divorce to give way to that woman, right? No, I can’t let him do what he wants!”

Beacher felt very distressed. No wonder Janet didn’t want him to mention that man again. He was not worthy of mentioning!

The Handsomest: “Let’s talk about it. How can I punish him? I want him to know that he can’t bully my cousin!”

“F5 sent a knife emoji.”

The Handsomest: “Marvin, this kind of sc*m is not worthy. Let’s find a method that is allowed by the law.”

Beacher was afraid that Marvin would do something illegal because he had stayed at home for too long.

There was another long silence in the group. Beacher couldn’t help it and started sending the voice messages again.

After 29 messages, someone finally replied.

Donahue Smedley: “Wait for me to return.”

He seemed reliable and decisive as usual.

Maybe the time had come for the Webster family to go bankrupt.

Janet didn’t know that her return had caused a storm, and she was sorting out her plans.

Taking back the property was only a small part of her plan, and the more important factor was finding out the real culprit behind the car accident that year!

When she regained her memory three years ago, she didn’t actually suspect the car accident.

Back then, she was still young, so she didn’t understand many things. She just thought it was an ordinary accident and let it go to pay more attention to Nathaniel.

But in the past two years, after she accidentally discovered some things and noticed the actions of her aunt’s family, she started to have doubts about the accident.

She deliberately tested her uncle and cousin today, and their reactions confirmed her guess.

Thinking of the tragic scene back then, Janet felt like a fire was burning in her heart. She completely immersed her body in the bathtub and held her breath to make her mind clearer.

Then, she gradually had an idea.

At this moment, Lawrence’s voice came from outside the door. “Miss, we have guests. Your aunt’s family is here.”

Janet stood up with a sneer.

She hadn’t gone to find them yet, but they were already here.

“Okay, let them wait.”

This wait lasted half an hour.

“Dad, she’s trying to show us off. How could she keep the elders waiting for so long? I think she’s been in the slums for a long

time and has lost her manners!”

Coral complained angrily, but she was glared at by her father.

“Talk politely later. She is the president of the Longfellow Group now. I have to listen to her. Who do you think you are?”

Conrad lectured his daughter, but he was furious as well.

He had been in charge for a decade, but now he had to listen to a girl, which made him extremely annoyed.

But those old–fashioned people on the board were all on her side. He had worked with them for ten years, but they were still so ungrateful!

“Cousin, your dad is reasonable. You’d better learn from him. Who do you think you are? Do you think I need to show off to you?”

Janet was wearing silk pajamas, and her hair was just blow–dried, looking fluffy and soft. She seemed dazzling when she stood under the light..

When she came down the spiral stairs, someone held her hand.

Then, she heard a soft voice filled with joy.

“Juliana, it’s so good to have you back. I’m so happy.”

Janet looked aside at the woman in front of her.

She was dressed gracefully and luxuriously. Even though she was old, she still seemed young, and Janet could tell she was living a happy life.

However, at this moment, when the woman looked at her, her eyes turned red.

Janet’s heart softened.

In her memory, her aunt was a very gentle person who treated her very well. She would bring her snacks whenever she came over. Janet liked her very much and thought her aunt was more like the sister she had dreamed of, warm and caring.

But now things were different. Janet thought of the behavior of her aunt and uncle who took over the company immediately after the car accident, and the suspicious accident itself.

For a while, she didn’t know how to face her.

“Yes, thank you. I’m back”

Janet withdrew her hand silently, took her arm, and walked towards the sofa.

“It’s quite late now. Do you have anything important? Don’t forget to inform me next time before you come, and I can prepare

in advance.”

Mathilda Doherty looked at her beautiful niece and wiped her tears.

She saw Conrad was about to speak and said immediately to stop him, “Nothing. I was just too happy and couldn’t wait to see you. I wanted to know how you’ve become and how you’ve been.”

Janet saw her looking at her uncle. Her heart sank, but she didn’t expose them and lowered her head to take a sip of wine as she


“Not quite well, at least not as good as Coral. She could buy a priceless necklace and give out gems as gifts without hesitation.”

Mathilda Doherty’s smile froze. She glared at her daughter and excused her, “Oh, that one. She dreamt about it for years, and we also thought she should have a proper piece of jewelry, so we bought it for her. She was just pretending to be careless about


Janet looked at her aunt’s seamless smile, and the warmth that rose in her heart cooled down gradually.

My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon

My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon - A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption “My Past is Just Prologue” is a touching and poignant novel by Louisa Dillon that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Louisa Dillon  is a USA Today and international bestselling author of contemporary romance, erotic romance, and romantic suspense novels.
Read My Past is Just Prologue By Louisa Dillon – Janet Longfellow finally understood that a loveless marriage couldn’t last for long, so she asked for a divorce and left resolutely. Everyone was waiting to have a good laugh at her, and Nathaniel Webster was no exception. He believed Janet would come back to pray for his forgiveness sooner or later. However, he was slapped on the face every day after they got divorced. The heir of Longfellow Group? The mysterious genius of hacking? And she was even the well-known designer he wanted to work with! A popular best actor, a young racing driver, and an excellent rich single lined up to confess Janet. Nathaniel finally couldn’t sit still. He knocked on Janet’s door and confessed affectionately, “Honey, please forgive me. I love you, let’s remarry.” Janet responded, “Thank you, but I’m not interested. A loveless marriage can’t last long!” The tables had turned.
In conclusion, “My Past is Just Prologue” is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women’s fiction.   My Past is Just Prologue


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