My Ex-Wife’s Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia Chapter 9

My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia Chapter 9


Madeline washed her face in the restroom and became slightly sober. Seeing the lively dance floor, she was tempted

She had been keeping up her obedient and sensible image in the Faraday family for three years, and it was time for her to do what she wanted

Her soft body slid into the dance floor, and everyone’s eyes were instantly glued to her

Hey, Beauty, can I invite you to a dance?Before the man could put his hand on Madeline’s waist, she smiled heartily and directly pushed him toward the steel pipe at the side


Even though the music was loud, Madeline still heard the sharp voice

She stopped and gracefully tucked her hair behind her ears. Cecilia came up to Madeline before the latter could find her and get even with her

How dare you hide here?Cecilia’s eyes widened in disbelief

Sebastian had sent so many people to look for Madeline. They searched everywhere in Yarwood and still failed to find her. Cecilia thought Madeline had gone abroad and had never expected to meet her at the bar

Hide?Madeline chuckled. Do I have to hide?” 

Go back with me. You haven’t given me your kidney yet.At that moment, Cecilia acted like a spoilt princess. Her attitude was arrogant and firm as if she was above everyone else

Madeline could easily crush anyone without even exuding her strong aura

You’re getting more shameless by the second. You want me to give you a kidney? Do you dare to use it even if I give it to you?Madeline fiddled with her fingers lazily, and a hint of mockery flashed across her long and narrow eyes

Even so, Cecilia was not afraid of her at all. Madeline, don’t be shameless. You should feel flattered that I’m using your kidney-” 


Before Cecilia could finish her words, a clear and crisp sound of a slap rang in everyone’s 


-The music had also stopped

At the same time, Hendrix, who accidentally recorded the scene, was happy

It could only be said that it was such a coincidence

He sent the video directly to Sebastian

Sebastian, your exwife slapped your current girlfriend. Who should I help?” 

In a cheeky tone, Hendrix recorded the voice message and sent it to Sebastian

How dare you hit me?Cecilia covered her cheek and felt numb

Madeline wiped her fingers bit by bit with a wet tissue. Watch your words. I hate people screaming at me.” 

Cecilia looked at the woman in front of her in astonishment. Just now, she felt that Madeline’s eyes seemed like they would swallow her whole, and the fear in Cecilia’s heart almost made her fall to the ground

Meanwhile, in the CEO’s office at Faraday Corporation, Sebastian stared at the video and watched it again and again. The bold woman with an icy stare in the video was his exwife

Her appearance had not changed at all, but her aura was drastically different

Sebastian, I think the rumor is wrong. Your exwife isn’t a cute little kitten. I think she’s more like a wild cat.Hendrix sent another voice message to Sebastian with great interest. Where is she?Sebastian’s voice sounded like he was in a hurry

Are you talking about your exwife or your current girlfriend?Hendrix asked cheekily. Hendrix, do you want to die?Sebastian’s expression darkened


was tired of Hendrix wasting time and directly made a phone call to the latter

Hendrix only dared to mess around with him over the phone. If he saw Sebastian in real life, he would wet his pants

Your beautiful exwife was taken away by a man, and your current girlfriend was sent to the hospital,” Hendrix said in a hurry

Hang up now.A woman mouthed to Hendrix

Hendrix murmured to himself, Sorry, Sebastian.Then, he directly switched off his phone

Madeline moved the knife away from Hendrix’s neck and asked, You know Sebastian Faraday?” 

We’re best friends.Hendrix smiled

When he had just picked up Sebastian’s call, the woman teleported beside him like a ghost and pressed a knife against his neck

Hendrix was not afraid at all. Instead, he grew a strong interest in Madeline

Madeline held her forehead and felt a little dizzy. She was probably a little drunk at that point. Are you going to stir trouble with me too?” 

After all, she had just slapped Cecilia

“Absolutely not!Hendrix answered without a moment of hesitation

Do as you wish. I have the guts to admit what I’ve done. I’m the one who slapped Cecilia. If you want to seek revenge for her, bring it on. Let’s see if you all have the capability to do it,she declared

Madeline raised her eyes and looked unapproachable

Hendrix didn’t understand why Sebastian would give up a woman with such a unique. personality

What’s so good about that fake innocent woman?he mused

Leine, why are you here?Louis looked around and finally found Madeline. Only then did he finally breathe a sigh of relief

Lou, send me homeMadeline retched but didn’t vomit in the end

How much did you drink?Louis put her arm around his shoulder helplessly. Even though he sounded like he was irritated, his expression was filled with affection

Hendrix watched the woman leave and realized he had forgotten to get her contact information

Where is she?When Sebastian arrived, a cold aura exuded from his body

Hendrix took a sip of alcohol and said, She’s gone” 

You didn’t go after her?Sebastian looked at Hendrix as if the latter were trash

What a goodfornothing!he raged inwardly

I don’t know who to go after, your exwife or current girlfriend?Hendrix asked innocently

Madeline, of course,Sebastian said without thinking twice

You guys have divorced. Why do you care about her so much? Are you still in love with her?” 

Hendrix was smart, and he saw through everything

On the other hand, Sebastian was stunned

Cecilia was the one who got beaten. Hence, the person he should care about was her

However, for some reason, the scene where Madeline boldly slapped Cecilia filled his -mind

When Sebastian saw Madeline slap Cecilia, his immediate reaction wasn’t to be angry. Instead, he was surprised

Madeline used to be so obedient that everyone could bully her. However, she changed drastically after she left him

She was carefree and arrogant now. He couldn’t figure out which was the real Madeline

You said a man took her away?Sebastian narrowed his eyes and looked at the dance floor where Madeline had just been

Yes, he’s the son of the Coleman family.” 

Louis Coleman?Sebastian’s pupils constricted when the name popped up in his mind

He wondered why he didn’t know that Madeline was friends with Louis all this time

As the descendants of the royal family, the Coleman family had a noble status, and ordinary people were way out of their league

Madeline came from a welfare home. Hence, Sebastian couldn’t figure out what her connection was with the Coleman family

Sebastian twisted the thumb ring on his finger. Madeline’s identity had become more of a mystery

How’s the investigation going?he asked

Hendrix was speechless for a moment. I haven’t started yet.” 

Piss off and start the investigation immediately.Sebastian was slightly grumpy today. After saying that, Sebastian went to the bar backstage to retrieve the surveillance footage. The footage was fine when he first retrieved it. However, a second later, the screen went dark. All the surveillance footage of the bar was hacked, and nothing was left

Sebastian’s eyebrows twitched. It seemed like he had underestimated Madeline this time

My Ex-Wife’s Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia

My Ex-Wife’s Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia - A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption, My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets" is a touching and poignant novel by Clarissa Doyle that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing.  

The Synopsis : My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets

Need her kidney to save his lover!? Was Sebastian daydreaming? The now Madeline was no longer Sebastian's weak ex-wife. She had teeth and would uproot all that had wronged her before. Her time was coming! A sharp voice, belonging to Yvette Faraday, echoed throughout the Faraday residence. "Even animals would bear babies when they're well taken care of, unlike a certain somebody, who only knows how to sleep, eat our food, and use our things." As soon as Madeline Jennings came out of the kitchen, her body stiffened, and it felt as if her heart had been pierced by those venomous words.  

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Yes, of course, you will definitely enjoy this newest novel, My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets. It is getting popular and easily available to read online with all its chapters.

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This novel is based on the dark side of marriage and divorce. It’s a romantic genre story to read with the characterization of couple Keegan Kate and Stella Jewells following up with many incidents around.

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You can read all chapters of My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets novel online. In fact, the story or book is available with complete status.

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The novel My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets comes under the authorship of Eleven Jewells.

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