My Ex-Wife’s Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia Chapter 34

My Ex-Wife’s Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Will You Be My Girlfriend 

HoweverSebastian seldom went to the hospital. He had always had his family doctor treat him 

when he was sick

She couldn’t make sense of it

In the end, she decided to stop thinking about it.” 

It wasn’t her business after all. She didn’t have to worry about it

Madeline went to the fasttrack counter. It turned out that she had a cold

I have a question, Doctor. Is the patient hospitalized here a member of the Faraday family?” 

The doctor looked up and took a glance at Madeline. I’m sorry, but we have to keep our patient’s 

information confidential.” 

Madeline didn’t say anything more when she heard how resolute the doctor sounded

She thought, Forget it. I’ll find out myself if he is not going to tell me.” 

Poor Mrs. Faraday. She used to be accompanied by her daughterinlaw when she was sick, but now she only has a caretaker to take care of her.” 

Shh, watch your mouth. Mr. Faraday is busy with work and can’t spare timeI also heard that a lot has been happening to the Faraday family recently. It seems that Mrs. Faraday fell sick from anger because of the divorce.” 

Two nurses were whispering to each other as they walked by

Unfortunately, Madeline overheard them

Is Grandma Agnes sick?Madeline wondered with her lips pursed. Her heart skipped a beat at the thought of that

Among the Faraday family, Agnes loved Madeline the most and truly regarded Madeline as family

Madeline knew that Agnes was ill. Back when Madeline was at the Faraday residence, Madeline had been adding some medicinal herbs into Agnesmeals to keep Agnescondition under control

Could it have worsened?she quietly dreaded

Madeline then took a glance at the doctor’s computer before she looked away

After returning to her car, Madeline typed in the doctor’s computer model on the keyboard and directly hacked into the computer

When she read about AgnesconditionSure enough, it was worse than she thought

Madeline had to suck in a deep breath when the mild pain in her chest hit her

Before Madeline’s car came to a complete stop, she was blocked by a bright pink sports car

She would have slammed into the pink car if it weren’t for her stable driving skills

The moment Madeline raised her eyes and lowered the roof of her car, her luxury car instantly turned into a luxury sports car

At a glance, the builtin seat cushion was made of genuine leather, and even the decorations in it were originals from abroad

Even though Hendrix had seen his fair share of luxuries in life, he was still stunned by the view in front of him

He didn’t expect Madeline to be soindiscreet

Madeline soon raised her beautiful eyes and asked with the corners of her red lips slightly raised, Is something the matter, Mr. Smith?” 

Hendrix’s cars were gradually getting more to his taste. It was a red car last time, and now it washot pink. As expected of him

Hendrix wiped off the starstruck look in his eyes and cleared his throat

Madeline, how have you been?” 

Madeline rolled her eyes upon hearing his words. Not even a Mary Sue would say something as oldfashioned as his opening line

Madeline slightly raised her arm and lazily leaned against the door. Everything has been going well because you were not around to disturb me, Mr. Smith. I always wake up naturally from sleep.” 

Hendrix’s eyebrows shot up. Sure enough, this woman was no ordinary person

Other women would swarm toward him when they saw him

Madeline was the only one Hendrix knew was not playing hard to get and wasn’t even interested in him. However, the more frustrated Hendrix was, the bolder he became. He was confident in himself

The next move could change Madeline’s mind

As Hendrix secretly clicked the remote control switch, the pink hood suddenly rose slowly, showing a large cluster of red roses surrounded by a few small lights covering the back seat. Hendrix then took out the bouquet behind him and asked, Madeline, will you be my girlfriend?” 

Madeline merely shrugged. He could make a young lady fall for him with his trick. But her? She could only be won over if there were at least a few mansions for her

Madeline opened her mouth and lightheartedly asked, Oh? Did you gain courage after two days?” 

Hendrix gulped upon hearing that. The feeling of the knife pressing against his neck felt like it was only yesterday when it happened

How about I change the terms?Hendrix asked tentatively

I’m listening.Madeline withdrew her gaze and leaned lazily into the chair. Her long legs were crossed in a wanton and wild manner

There’s a party tonight.Hendrix was embarrassed when he asked, Can you come with me?” 

As your date? Madeline frowned

She somewhat understood what he meant, but she was reluctant to agree to it

No, no. As my friend is fine.” 

Hendrix was afraid that Madeline would refuse, and he shook his head as he explained

Friend?Madeline pondered with her lips pursed. She soon told him. Send me the time and place

This is the condition I owe you. We are even after tonight, Mr. Smith.” 

She had always been someone who drew a clear line between her public and private life

Hendrix was a little disappointed…. 

However, he might be able to turn things around after spending one night with Madeline

Okay.Hendrix heavily nodded with a smile in his eyes

Hendrix then offered excitedly, I’ll bring the roses up for you.” 

Hearing that, Madeline inserted the key and started the car…. 

Hendrix was so startled and hurriedly ducked to one side

Donate to the welfare home then. You can write my name.After Madeline threw that out, the luxury car roared as it drove straight into the underground parking of Jennings Group

Before Madeline entered the company, she heard the employees talking

So something might be going on between Ms. Jennings and Mr. Smith.” 

Heh. What did you think? She literally popped out of nowhere. They make her sound all great, but in fact, someone is backing her up!” 

I agree. What can a woman do? She would have been kicked out if it weren’t for Mr. Smith.” 

Sure enough, it’s more important for a woman to look good. She can get anything by using seduction as she pleases.” 

Madeline’s fourinch heels naturally stepped on the floor

Squinting, she cast an indifferent glance at the employees

Do you have too much free time to be talking about your boss during working hours?Madeline demanded coldly

When the female employees heard Madeline’s voice, their backs immediately turned cold

They quickly turned around to greet her

MMs. Jennings” 

You can go ahead and resign if you disapprove of me. You talk about me behind your back, so why can’t you improve your performance instead?Madelyn glared and turned to two of the female employees. Callie, you have been working here for a year, right? How many buildings have you sold? And Lydia, you are also a senior in the company. Where is the design?” 

Madeline looked at the rest of the female employees in front of her with sharp eyes and continued, I won’t name the rest of you, but you guys are the ones who wander around the coffee shop the most. How dare you talk about me behind your back?” 

They were stunned. They thought they were unnoticeable at the company, but it turned out that Madeline had found out so much about them in just a few days

I want you lot to report to the finance department later. I will be deducting three daysworth of your bonuses,Madeline sneered and went to her office, leaving behind the trembling women frozen in place

They realized how extraordinary Madeline was… 

She is so cool!” 

Ms. Jennings is awesome!” 

The two receptionists couldn’t help but take a photo of Madeline

They could finally use her photos as their desktop backgrounds

Ms. Jennings, you were too kind to those people.Jonas saw everything just now and thought Madeline’s way of handling them was too gentle

Anyone who talked about his CEO behind her back should immediately be fired

My Ex-Wife’s Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia

My Ex-Wife’s Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia - A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption, My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets" is a touching and poignant novel by Clarissa Doyle that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing.  

The Synopsis : My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets

Need her kidney to save his lover!? Was Sebastian daydreaming? The now Madeline was no longer Sebastian's weak ex-wife. She had teeth and would uproot all that had wronged her before. Her time was coming! A sharp voice, belonging to Yvette Faraday, echoed throughout the Faraday residence. "Even animals would bear babies when they're well taken care of, unlike a certain somebody, who only knows how to sleep, eat our food, and use our things." As soon as Madeline Jennings came out of the kitchen, her body stiffened, and it felt as if her heart had been pierced by those venomous words.  

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Yes, of course, you will definitely enjoy this newest novel, My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets. It is getting popular and easily available to read online with all its chapters.

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This novel is based on the dark side of marriage and divorce. It’s a romantic genre story to read with the characterization of couple Keegan Kate and Stella Jewells following up with many incidents around.

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You can read all chapters of My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets novel online. In fact, the story or book is available with complete status.

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The novel My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets comes under the authorship of Eleven Jewells.

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