My Ex-Wife’s Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia Chapter 28

My Ex-Wife’s Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Questionable Taste In Men 

Madeline intended to drive the HarleyDavidson to the evening’s gathering, but she was stopped. by Louis

Her face is as beautiful as a painting,thought Louis. He was looking at Madeline who was wearing a white dress

Louis couldn’t resist Madeline’s beauty even though they had known each other since childhood

Wipe off your drool.Madeline glanced at Louis in disgust

Louis coughed and stood up straight. Your Royal Highness, please get in the car.” 

Louis randomly chose a car from his garage; it was lowkey but luxurious

After all, these kinds of gatherings were all about showing off one’s wealth and boyfriend

Almost all the attendees were there by the time Madeline arrived at the private room

Madeline saw at a glance that Edwin and Juliette were sitting in the middle

When Juliette saw Madeline coming in, she leaned against Edwin’s arm and glanced at Madeline provocatively. Ed, the air conditioner setting in this room is a little low. I feel so cold.” 

Edwin took off his coat and put it on Juliette

Thank you, Edwin.” 

Everyone, sorry for being late. There was a traffic jam.Madeline smiled apologetically

Oh, you’re always one to joke, Maddie. I didn’t know traffic jam applies to bikes too.Juliette covered her mouth as if she didn’t mean to spill out the truth

Everyone couldn’t help snickering too

All the girls looked at Madeline as if she was the day’s joke. After all, to everyone there, Madeline. was the poor studentwhen they were in school

But they didn’t know that Madeline was actually dressed in a famous brand from head to toe. It was just her personality not to show off

Cycling is good too. It has low carbon emissions and is environmentally friendly.Edwin put in at good word for Madeline. He didn’t know why he suddenly blurted out the words. He actually started to feel a little something for Madeline when he saw how beautiful she looked

Why don’t you take a seat firstsaid the classmate next to Madeline

Madeline nodded and sat elegantly in the seat closest to the door

Madeline, don’t tell me you’re still single?asked Xandra who deliberately chose a sensitive topic

Maybe she’s still traumatized by what happened before? After all, Edwin did break Madeline’s heart into a million pieces” 

Madeline, don’t listen to their nonsense.Edwin smiled and pretended to be the gentleman by comforting her

Juliette grabbed Edwin’s hand and pouted. Ed, you’re my boyfriend now. You are not allowed to look at other women.” 

Madeline smiled and said nothing. She took a sip of lemon and honey water. The door of the 

private room was suddenly pushed open as soon as she put down her glass

Leine, you promised to wait for me in the underground parking. Why did you come up first?The man bent over and put his lips close to Madeline’s ears as he asked gently

Everyone was stunned by Louisentrance

Isn’t he the son of the Coleman family?thought everyone

Louis was wellknown in the elite social circle. He was suave and handsome, and the Coleman family was welloff. Everyone in Yarwood wanted to be on his good side, so they couldn’t believe that he would actually appear in their private room at that very moment

Maybe he came in the wrong private room?” 

Madeline suddenly stood up and snorted softly just when everyone was trying to sort out the confusion. That’s because you’re such a slowpoke. Everyone, allow me to introduce my new boyfriend, Louis Coleman.” 

Madeline’s voice was sweet, and she was graceful when introducing Louis

Hello, everyone. Thank you for taking care of Leine just now. I was worried she wouldn’t be able to find her way here when I lost sight of her for a few seconds. We all know she can be a little clumsy sometimes,explained Louis helplessly while he dotingly looked at Madeline

Haha, what a surprise to know that Madeline has gotten herself a boyfriend.” 

Madeline and Mr. Coleman are a good match.” 

Everyone smiled awkwardly

All the girls there knew their own boyfriends were way inferior to Louis

Edwin felt so embarrassed and humiliated as if he had been slapped when he realized Madeline actually found a boyfriend and more importantly, Louis was a better catch than he was

Everyone, please order whatever you want tonight. It’ll be my treat,said Louis generously as he threw his car keys on the table

Everyone’s eyes narrowed when they saw the car keys. Damn, he sure is rich! Even his car is

limited edition.” 

By the way, Edwin, I also want to thank you for breaking up with Leine. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have a chance to be with such a wonderful girl.Louis raised his glass to Edwin and said, To you.” 

Edwin’s expression looked even worse than before

Juliette tugged Edwin’s sleeve and said, Ed” 

Edwin came back to his senses in an instant. He smiled and said, Put it down to me for being young and stupid.” 

Let’s order, everyone.Louis naturally sat down beside Madeline. Leine, you don’t have to order anything cause I already ordered all of your favorite dishes just now.” 

Everyone took a deep breath and thought, They have taken being loveydovey to a whole new level” 

Madeline also rolled her eyes silently and thought, Lou certainly knows how to act.” 

I’ve arranged for some entertainment, but let’s have dinner first,piped Edwin who was trying to oneup Louis to get everyone’s attention back on him

Oh wow, I can’t wait. Seems like you’re doing quite well after graduation, Edwin.” 

Edwin smiled, but his eyes were fixed on Madeline. Well, I’m just a general manager in a big company.” 

That’s already super awesome, Ed!Juliette wished that she could announce their relationship. from the top of her lungs when she heard about Edwin’s job

Louis chuckled and whispered to Madeline, Maddie, I can’t believe your exboyfriend was an ugly duckling. I must say, I really question your old taste in men.” 

This ugly duckling is nothing compared to Sebastian,thought Madeline

Madeline took a sip of champagne and neutrally said, Yeah, I feel sad for the old me. I would have whacked myself with a brick if given the chance to do it all over again.” 

Haha, I hope you’re just joking, Maddie. After all, the best is yet to come.” Louis raised his lips, and his beautiful eyes suddenly became sharper. Anyone who bullies Maddie needs to die” 

On the surface, everyone was complimenting Edwin. It was obvious the star of the dinner was. happy with the praises by the everwidening smile on his face

Louis went out of the room to pay the bill while the rest of them went outside to swim in the pool or chat in the lobby


Edwin walked over to where Maddie was sitting in the corner

Madeline narrowed her eyes and asked, What’s up?” 

Maddie, do you still like me? You can tell me straightaway if that’s the case. There’s no need for you to bring a man over to humiliate me.accused Edwin in his usual chauvinistic manner

He was so certain that Madeline still liked him, and that she was using Louis to provoke him

Huh.Madeline chuckled and stood up slowly while holding a glass of champagne in her hand

Sometimes I really wonder where you get all that confidence. What makes you think that you’re better than Louis? Are you more handsome than him? Or richer than him?Madeline glanced at him coldly. Or is it because you’re older than him?” 

My money is on Edwin thinking he’s better just because he’s older than Louis,thought Madeline

Maddie, I know you’re still angry with me, but what happened is all in the past. Trust me when I say you should have let it go by now.” 

Edwin, the ugly duckling, really thought that Madeline was still pining over him

My Ex-Wife’s Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia

My Ex-Wife’s Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia - A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption, My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets" is a touching and poignant novel by Clarissa Doyle that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing.  

The Synopsis : My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets

Need her kidney to save his lover!? Was Sebastian daydreaming? The now Madeline was no longer Sebastian's weak ex-wife. She had teeth and would uproot all that had wronged her before. Her time was coming! A sharp voice, belonging to Yvette Faraday, echoed throughout the Faraday residence. "Even animals would bear babies when they're well taken care of, unlike a certain somebody, who only knows how to sleep, eat our food, and use our things." As soon as Madeline Jennings came out of the kitchen, her body stiffened, and it felt as if her heart had been pierced by those venomous words.  

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Yes, of course, you will definitely enjoy this newest novel, My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets. It is getting popular and easily available to read online with all its chapters.

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This novel is based on the dark side of marriage and divorce. It’s a romantic genre story to read with the characterization of couple Keegan Kate and Stella Jewells following up with many incidents around.

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You can read all chapters of My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets novel online. In fact, the story or book is available with complete status.

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The novel My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets comes under the authorship of Eleven Jewells.

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