My Ex-Wife’s Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia Chapter 24

My Ex-Wife’s Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia Chapter 24

My Ex-Wife’s Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia

Chapter 24 Meet Again 

Madeline could not be bothered to waste time arguing with such people

The security guard glanced at Madeline and said, Miss, don’t make trouble for us. We’re all busy. You can park the motorcycle outside and leave a parking space for him.” 

Madeline’s eyes turned cold and she took a picture of the security guard’s work ID and said, Then I’ll complain.” 

The security guard pursed his lips and glanced at the woman with hatred. In the end, he called the manager over for the sake of his job

What’s going on?The manager looked at the security guard gravely

This rotten motorcycle robbed us of our parking space.Jennifer crossed her arms around her chest and displayed an arrogant attitude. On top of that, it has wasted our time. I think. you should discuss how you’re going to compensate me for this.” 

The manager silently glanced at the allegedly rotten motorcycle the woman mentioned

However, he panicked in an instant

If this counted as a rotten motorcycle, all the other motorcycles could be put to shame

This was the cream of the crop among motorcycles

On top of that, this was a fabled limited edition version of the vehicle

The manager glared at the security guard fiercely. How could the security guard be so blind

Miss, what compensation do you want?” 

Jennifer raised her head again, and her nose was almost touching the sky. Just ask her to give up the parking space and apologize.” 

Before Jennifer could finish speaking, she lowered her head and found that the manager didn’t seem to be talking to her

The manager was speaking up for the motorcycle owner instead

I’m really sorry. Our training is subpar and the security guards seem to not have basic abilities. We’re at fault for delaying your time, Miss. Please tell us how much you require in compensation and we’ll have it sorted out right away.” 

The manager smiled and apologized to Madeline

Anyone who could afford to ride a HarleyDavidson was definitely among the upper echelons of society. Nobody could afford to offend someone like this

The manager was already trembling

Madeline lazily tossed the key at the manager and said, Park the rotten motorcycle for me.” 

Yes.The manager breathed a sigh of relief and took the car key excitedly. This was the first time he’d been so close to a limited edition HarleyDavidson

By the way, the two people from earlier damaged my rotten motorcycle’s reputation by denigrating it. There is no need for monetary compensation. However, I want them to clean my motorcycle for me, personally.” 

Madeline didn’t like money. She found monetary compensation to be too coarse for her liking. It was better to do something meaningful

After all, insults like this were a lot harsher than just the act of forcing someone to pay

What did you say? How dare you ask us to clean your car?Jennifer thought that she had heard the world’s biggest joke

She thought, It’s just a stupid motorcycle. What’s there to be so proud of? And what is up with the manager? Doesn’t he have eyes?” 

Of course, I’m going to tell her off! It’s just a stupid motorcycle!hissed Jennifer, putting her arms on her waist. She looked even more disdainful than before. The fact that I’ve even bothered to insult it is an honor.” 

The manager’s expression gradually turned worse

He hurriedly walked to Jennifer and said, Miss, please be silent. This is an exclusive limited edition HarleyDavidson. I can assure you that the fitout is more expensive than your car.” 

A HarleyDavidson

Jennifer might not have heard of it, but her boyfriend knew the brand

WellThe man opened his mouth in astonishment and almost fell to his knees

This was something he could not afford to pay

Okay, remember to clean my rotten motorcycle. If it’s damaged, then we’ll go through the necessary legal procedures.” 

Having said that, Madeline raised an eyebrow and walked away

If she had not been in a hurry today, she would have definitely stayed behind to teach them a lesson

What? What’s up with the HarleyDavidson anyway? Why is she so arrogant?” 

The blondehaired woman was still a little dissatisfied

You basically can’t afford this even if you saved up all the money you’re going to use to buy cosmetics in this lifetime,said the man simply

Jennifer was also stunned

Madeline sneered. “That’s more like it,she thought

The hall of the racing track was full of cars

Madeline’s eyes lit up. They were all her favorite cars

It was no surprise that everyone liked to come to the regular racing track, which was really extraordinary

Most of the attendees who came were rich young men, and the occasional woman attended as their dates

It was rare for women like Madeline to show up alone

Madeline narrowed her eyes and walked towards her goal

Sebastian, are you really divorced? I didn’t expect such a conservative man like you to even go through with it.Rowen looked up at the man opposite him. His usually sharp eyes were tempered 

by a hint of playfulness

Rowen and Sebastian grew up sharing common interests. They were both geniuses when it came to business

Sebastian paused and said, You invited me here to be the referee.” 

Rowen smiled, Yes. Don’t be angry. I merely care about my best friend’s marriage.” 

Just mind your own business.Came Sebastian’s ruthless reply

Rowen was rendered speechless

I guess I’m never going to fall in love in this life,Rowen thought

Madeline didn’t expect this to happen. She had just met her exhusband last night and they ran into each other again today

They seemed to meet more often now that they were divorced, compared to when they were married

Rowen was also shocked when he looked up. I guess she’s here to see you.” 

Sebastian’s sharp eyes lit up and he was surprised by the woman in front of him

To make the competition easier, Madeline had put on some muted black sportswear and wore no accessories. The tightfitting clothes hugged the woman’s slender figure, and two strands of her hair hung loosely around her ears. Madeline’s ordinary clothes were somewhat enchanting. There was an indescribable beauty about her that seemed completely different from before

Sebastian’s face darkened gradually. When they were husband and wife, Madeline was always dressed in decent loungewear. Although it was not ugly, it was far less ostentatious than what she was in now

Sebastian’s exwife had many sides to her, but Madeline pretended to be the most innocent in front of him

Sebastian also thought Madeline was looking for him. He was about to get up and pull Madeline away when unexpectedly, Madeline glanced at Rowen, completely ignoring Sebastian

Mr. Snyder, can we talk?” 

Ahem.Rowen almost choked on his coffee

He pointed to himself in fear, asking, Are you talking to me?” 

Madeline looked around. It was not as if there was anyone else with the surname Snyder

IRowen could sense the air around him turning very icy

He could tell that Madeline was intent on getting him in trouble

I don’t have time. I’m going to the competition soon,said Rowen naturally. He stood up and brushed off the wrinkles from his clothes

Rowen was concerned that talking to Madeline alone could spell the end of his friendship with Sebastian

When Sebastian heard that Madeline was not here to see him, his thin lips pursed slightly. The outline of his jaw also became more obvious as he clenched it

Soon, all Sebastian exuded was an icycold aura

However, Madeline ignored it. She was not afraid of her exhusband

The competition?Madeline raised her eyebrows. That’s splendid. We can participate together.” 

You can compete?asked Rowen subconsciously

Rowan was not looking down on her. However, a glance at the woman’s petite figure filled him with doubt. He was not sure if she was built for car racing

Madeline smirked. Mr. Snyder, If I win, could you spare some time from your busy schedule to have a chat with me?” 

Okay,Rowen agreed without thinking

He reckoned that Madeline could drive at most. After all, Madeline was young, and it was unlikely that she even knew what car racing entailed

Sebastian’s expression darkened even more after being ignored

It was only when that happened that Rowen realized he had said something wrong

Sebastian, why don’t you join the competition? We shouldn’t treat this as a negotiation.” 

My Ex-Wife’s Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia

My Ex-Wife’s Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia - A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption, My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets" is a touching and poignant novel by Clarissa Doyle that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing.  

The Synopsis : My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets

Need her kidney to save his lover!? Was Sebastian daydreaming? The now Madeline was no longer Sebastian's weak ex-wife. She had teeth and would uproot all that had wronged her before. Her time was coming! A sharp voice, belonging to Yvette Faraday, echoed throughout the Faraday residence. "Even animals would bear babies when they're well taken care of, unlike a certain somebody, who only knows how to sleep, eat our food, and use our things." As soon as Madeline Jennings came out of the kitchen, her body stiffened, and it felt as if her heart had been pierced by those venomous words.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Has My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets As A Good Novel To Read Online?

Yes, of course, you will definitely enjoy this newest novel, My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets. It is getting popular and easily available to read online with all its chapters.

What Storyline Did My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets Shows?

This novel is based on the dark side of marriage and divorce. It’s a romantic genre story to read with the characterization of couple Keegan Kate and Stella Jewells following up with many incidents around.

How Many Chapters Are There In My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets Novel PDF?

You can read all chapters of My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets novel online. In fact, the story or book is available with complete status.

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The novel My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets comes under the authorship of Eleven Jewells.

My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia is a fantastic and interest-catching novel you must read in 2023, especially if you love books or storylines revolving around the romance genre. What next do you want to know about it? Relax, and delight your mood with a lovely novel telling a plot on marriage, divorce, a billionaire lifestyle, and several incidents.

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, "A Wound That Never Heals" is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women's fiction.


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