My Ex-Wife’s Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia Chapter 22

My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia Chapter 22

Chapter 22

After that, Hendrix was kicked out of the car.

Hendrix was bewildered. He thought, “Sebastian is acting like a thug!”

The man in the driver’s seat narrowed his eyes slightly and drove toward the cemetery in Yarwood.

It started to drizzle when he got there.

Sebastian got off the car with an umbrella. His heart ached a little when he saw the thin and lonely retreating figure.

Madeline placed her mother’s favorite flower near the tombstone and bent over to wipe the headstone with her sleeves.

“Dad. Mom. I’m Leine. I’m here to see you two,” said Madeline.

The photos on the tombstone made her feel like time had stopped at the time when her parents looked young.

Madeline lowered her gaze, allowing her tears to flow down her cheeks.

She did not attend her parents’ funeral. She did not even know what was in the grave.

“Mom. Dad. Don’t worry. I’m tough. I’ll find the evidence and make them pay the price,” Madeline said.

After that, Madeline knelt before her parents’ tombstones and prostrated three times.

Not far away, the man slightly pursed his lips, a tinge of complexity in his deep eyes.

Sebastian did not know why he came here.

He wondered, “Am I only here to look at her? That seems a little unreasonable.”

Sebastian was holding a black umbrella. He wanted to open it to keep Madeline off the rain, but when he saw Madeline get up, he deliberately dodged.

In the mist, Madeline also saw the flashy red car. The car was so eye-catching that it was difficult to go unnoticed.

Madeline withdrew her sight indifferently.

“Maddie, let’s go.” Louis got off the car, held the umbrella above her head, and draped his coat over her body.

Madeline nodded. “Louis, can I open the coffin?”

Louis was startled. “Ms. Jennings, what are you trying to do?”

Madeline pursed her lips and said, “I want to confirm whether my parents are inside. I don’t believe that… I don’t believe that they’re truly gone.”

Back then, the bridge was on fire. It was said that her parents’ bodies were not found. Since she had escaped, she thought her parents might have made it out too.

“I believe your parents wouldn’t want to see you like th

They’re gone. Maddie, let them

go and press forward.” Louis sighed and patted the girl on the back.

He was the only one who knew that Madeline was only pretending to be tough.

Madeline smiled slightly. “Okay.”

She muttered inwardly, “I’ll leave you two alone and let you both rest in peace.”

Before she got in the car, Madeline glanced at the tombstones again. Her mother was smiling.

When Sebastian saw the man who suddenly appeared, he gripped the steering wheel even tighter, and the muscle lines of his forearm were exposed.

He wondered, “What’s the relationship between Louis and Madeline?”

Sebastian’s eyes were bloodshot as he watched them get in the car. Moreover, he watched as Madeline got in the passenger seat.

Sebastian took his phone and said, “Look into the relationship between the Coleman family and the Jennings family!”

Nolan was rendered speechless upon receiving the phone call.

He wondered, “Is Mr. Faraday out of his mind? He doesn’t care about the stock market and wants me to look into the Coleman family instead?”

Meanwhile, Sebastian could not understand why his mood swings.

Madeline turned on the music and closed her eyes as she leaned against the seat.

“That red car I saw just now looks quite familiar,” said Madeline.

Louis raised his eyebrows and asked, “Do you want me to look into it?”

“There’s no need for that.” She was not in the mood to care about that now.

“Do you still want to go back to the Jennings estate? I can drive you,” Louis asked softly.

Madcline opened her eyes and looked out of the window. The rain was getting heavier.

“Let’s go to the hotel,” she said.

This place was too far from the Jennings residence. They could easily have an accident on the way.

The nearby hotels were all fully occupied because of the weather.

There was only one hotel with only a couple room left.

Louis smiled helplessly. “Maddie, do you mind if we share the same room?”

Madeline spread her hands and said, “Why don’t you sleep in the car?”

Louis rolled his eyes. He knew that Madeline was an ungrateful person.

“Sir, someone happened to check out just now. There’s a room available. Do you want it?” the customer service guy asked with a smile after receiving a call that someone had made.

a checkout.



The two of them spoke at the same time.

The former was said by Madeline.

Madeline looked at Louis dangerously. “Lou, what are you trying to do?”

Louis smiled awkwardly. “Maddie, I’m worried that it’s unsafe for you to stay here alone. I can at least protect you if I’m around you.”

Madeline rolled her eyes and said, “You don’t have to worry about me.”

Madeline took her keycard and went upstairs to the couple room without hesitation.

She thought, “It feels so good to have the entire bed to myself.”

Madeline heard the door ring as soon as she finished her shower. She thought Louis had ordered takeout for her, so she opened the door excitedly.

However, the smile

standing at the don her face froze when she saw the man, who was soaked in rainwater,

Sébastian was wet all over, and the water droplets at the tips of his hair dripped down. from his cheek to his Adam’s apple.

Even in such a situation, he still did not look like a mess. He was born with a noble temperament, and his defined facial features made him look as charming as always.

A cold breeze blew on Madeline. She could not help but wrap herself in a bath towel.

“Mr. Faraday, did you enter the wrong room?” Madeline looked away and pretended to be calm.

Sebastian’s Adam’s apple rolled slightly as he looked at Madeline’s body wrapped in a bath towel.

He had never realized that Madeline had such a good figure that could easily arouse his desire.

“No,” Sebastian spoke before he realized his voice had already become hoarse.

“There is no room left. Can I stay with you?” Sebastian pursed his lips and said, embarrassed.

Madeline was stunned as she thought, “What is he talking about?”

“We’ve divorced. I don’t think it’s appropriate for us to stay in the same room.” Madeline frowned.

She was starting to lose her patience.

She was tired and wanted to sleep.

“Please let me stay for one night. I caught a fever.” Sebastian coughed slightly. He looked as if he was sick.

Madeline looked up at him carefully and found the man’s cheeks were slightly red.

Madeline opened the door and said, “Come on in. You’ll sleep on the floor.”

After all, they used to be a married couple. Although Sebastian treated her poorly in the past, she could not just leave him in the lurch.

Madeline’s strength was her compassion.

“Sure.” Sebastian’s heart palpitated when he smelled the faint fragrance around Madeline as he walked into the room.

Madeline laid a blanket on the floor and then threw the quilt on the ground to let Sebastian sleep on the floor.

She thought, “I’m a girl. It’s unfair for me to sleep on the ground, right?”

“What are you doing here?” Madeline asked after she turned off the lights.

In the darkness, Sebastian paused before slowly answering, “I’m here for business.”

When she got her answer, Madeline turned her body over and fell asleep. Her little face faced the window.

She did not know Sebastian had been looking at her on the bed under the moonlight for a long time before he closed his eyes.

Soon, it was midnight.

In the surveillance cameras room of the hotel, Madeline fell silent as she skillfully controlled the computer and looked at the monitoring equipment.

She wondered, “Sebastian did enter the hotel earlier than me. Is he truly here for business?”

In the next scene, Madeline saw the checkout record with Sebastian’s checkout.

Madeline gave a mocking smile. She thought, “Sebastian really spent a lot of effort investigating me.”

My Ex-Wife’s Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia

My Ex-Wife’s Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets By Bernice Delia - A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption, My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets" is a touching and poignant novel by Clarissa Doyle that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing.  

The Synopsis : My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets

Need her kidney to save his lover!? Was Sebastian daydreaming? The now Madeline was no longer Sebastian's weak ex-wife. She had teeth and would uproot all that had wronged her before. Her time was coming! A sharp voice, belonging to Yvette Faraday, echoed throughout the Faraday residence. "Even animals would bear babies when they're well taken care of, unlike a certain somebody, who only knows how to sleep, eat our food, and use our things." As soon as Madeline Jennings came out of the kitchen, her body stiffened, and it felt as if her heart had been pierced by those venomous words.  

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This novel is based on the dark side of marriage and divorce. It’s a romantic genre story to read with the characterization of couple Keegan Kate and Stella Jewells following up with many incidents around.

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The novel My Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets comes under the authorship of Eleven Jewells.

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