Love You Forever My Sweet Fiancée by AI Gold Chapter 42

Love You Forever My Sweet Fiancée by AI Gold Chapter 42

Chapter 42 

Poor Chubbles was suffocated and wheezed when it was squeezed between its two owners as they passionately made out.

The little happy family returned home after 9pm and went straight to bed after the tiring day outside.

Despite her sleepiness, Sia still remembered to check the date on the calendar of her phone. It was that day again.

After a good night’s sleep, Sia dressed up for the day and by the time she went downstairs, Sebastian was already having his breakfast.

They ate quietly and he drove her to the university when they were done.

“Will you be free today?” Sia asked on their way to school.

Yesterday, Sebastian had accompanied Sia out to buy Chubbles some toys, canceling his work. Thus, not only did he have to finish today’s work, but yesterday’s as well. With the mountainous work piled upon him, Sebastian looks forward to a very busy and stressful day.

“I have a lot of work to cover at the company today, do you need anything?”

“Ah, I see, never mind. I wanted to introduce you to someone, but it can wait since you’re busy. I’ll take you next time.”

“Mm, great.”

Sebastian said, slowing down the car as they arrived at the University. Sia left after waving him off.

As soon as she stepped into the dance classroom, she was bombarded by the loud noise of her classmate’s discussion.

“Sia, you’re finally here!” One of her classmates, Mary White, approached her. “Guess what? I have good news for you! Vivienne has dropped out.” The girl informed Sia happily.

In fact, Vivienne’s arrogant attitude affected a lot of people, but no one could confront her because of her rich and powerful family. But that’s no longer the case now, and a lot of people rejoiced at their downfall.

Sia knew something like this was bound to happen. There’s no way Vivienne would be able to show her face again with how proud and conceited she was.

“Hey doll,” Bella appeared out of nowhere hugging her from behind. “What’s up? Why don’t you look happy?” She said, Vivienne had always picked on Sia out of everyone the most, with her gone now, Sia ought to be the happiest.

“Today is my grandfather’s death anniversary, I’m going to visit him after school.” Sia said.

“Oh, I see, aren’t you afraid you might meet your…the Blackwoods there? Should I accompany you?”

“That wouldn’t be necessary, they wouldn’t come. After his will was shared, no one came to visit him anymore. All they cared about was money. You would lose this month’s salary if you take any more. leave.”

“Alright, make sure you call if anything comes up, okay? I’ll be there anytime.”

Sia bought a banquet of white chrysanthemums after class and went straight to the RC Cemetery. She kept them in front of her grandfather’s tombstone and crunched down to wipe the dust.

“Hi grandpa, it’s been a long time since Sia came to see you, don’t get mad at her. A lot of things happened lately, but everything is over now.” She whispered.

“I’ve canceled my engagement with Nathan. I’m engaged to Sebastian now. He’s a great man, you won’t have to worry about how he treats me. I feel like I’m the happiest girl alive.” She chuckled.

“I wanted to bring him here today, but he’s busy and couldn’t make it. But I promise I’ll introduce you

next time.”

“Oh and I’ve severed ties with my family, grandpa, you can’t blame me for that.” Sia said, her eyes glazing with tears at the memory.

“Tsk,” A flirty yet familiar voice sounded behind her, “It really hurts me greatly to see a beauty cry.”

Sia glanced up alert, dabbing away the tears as she stood up.

“Mr Tom, why are you here?” Sia was confused by the person’s presence. Thomas O’Neill was one of her father’s loyal customers at work.

“I haven’t seen you in a while and look how elegant you’ve grown. Cutting ties with your family must’ve stressed you out. Why don’t you let me comfort you?”

Thomas flashed a creepy grin and stretched out a big fat hand towards Sia.

Love You Forever My Sweet Fiancée by AI Gold

Love You Forever My Sweet Fiancée by AI Gold

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: Love You Forever My Sweet Fiancée by AI Gold - A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption Love You Forever My Sweet Fiancée" is a touching and poignant novel by Clarissa Doyle that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. The story follows Sarah, a young woman grieving the loss of her husband, as she drives across the breathtaking Irish countryside.   Synopsis "We slept last night, right? "You must be responsible for me. Tonight will be our engagement banquet!" Sebastian was surprised by her bold outburst. He curled his lips into a chuckle and nodded. "No problem, my little fiancée." His thin lips parted lightly as he spoke, half of his face exposed seems carved to perfection by the g*ds.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Love You Forever My Sweet Fiancée As A Good Novel To Read Online?

Yes, of course, you will definitely enjoy this newest novel, Love You Forever My Sweet Fiancée. It is getting popular and easily available to read online with all its chapters.

What Storyline Did Love You Forever My Sweet Fiancée Shows?

This novel is based on the dark side of marriage and divorce. It’s a romantic genre story to read with the characterization of couple Keegan Kate and Stella Jewells following up with many incidents around.

How Many Chapters Are There In Love You Forever My Sweet Fiancée Novel PDF?

You can read all chapters of Love You Forever My Sweet Fiancée  novel online. In fact, the story or book is available with complete status.

Who Is The Author Of Love You Forever My Sweet Fiancée ?

The novel Love You Forever My Sweet Fiancée comes under the authorship of Eleven Jewells.

    In conclusion, "Love You Forever My Sweet Fiancée" is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women's fiction.   Love You Forever My Sweet Fiancée by AI Gold is a fantastic and interest-catching novel you must read in 2023, especially if you love books or storylines revolving around the romance genre. What next do you want to know about it? Relax, and delight your mood with a lovely novel telling a plot on marriage, divorce, a billionaire lifestyle, and several incidents.


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