Love at the Wrong Table (Emmanuel Lowe) Chapter 849

Love at the Wrong Table (Emmanuel Lowe) Chapter 849

Chapter 849


“Quick… call the security, deal with this barbarian!” Liam struggled to catch his

breath and yelled in pain. If it weren’t for Emmanuel’s mercy, he would have

been a corpse by now.

Just as Mackenzie was about to speak, Emmanuel sneered, “Sure! Go ahead

and call the security! Have them give this guy a good beating, the one who’s

been taking advantage and intentionally disrupting the company’s projects,

then arrest him!”


“What does that mean?”

Some of the shareholders present couldn’t help whispering in response to

Emmanuel’s words.

Caught off guard due to a guilty conscience, Liam was also visibly surprised.

Before he could respond, Mackenzie deliberately said coldly, “Emmanuel,

although we’re close, without evidence, you shouldn’t make baseless

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Chapter 849 Guilty as Charged

accusations in a situation like this!”

Knowing Emmanuel well, she was confident that the idiot wouldn’t talk

nonsense, especially in this setting. She believed that he must have some

sort of evidence.

Emmanuel secretly gave his wife an appreciative look, thinking how clever

she was. By saying that, she was intentionally allowing him to present his


“Okay, since you put it that way, Ms. Quillen, I shall present the evidence!”


The shareholders present were all surprised.


Liam’s countenance turned even more awful. He couldn’t tell what Emmanuel

would do next at all, and he even suspected that Mackenzie had deliberately

orchestrated this turn of events.

“Very well, I’ll give you the chance. If you can’t provide substantial evidence,

as the CEO of Terence Group, I’ll have to punish you for causing trouble!”

10:51 Fri, Sep 22

Chapter 849 Guilty as Charged


Mackenzie pretended to be cold, but her gaze held high expectations for


What she was most troubled by right now were Oscar and his son.


Oscar wasn’t just her uncle but also the guy who acquired Ignacio’s 2 billion

shares, giving him a 72% stake in Terence Group, making him the second

largest shareholder.

Now, he had teamed up with the other minor shareholders to challenge her

authority. Dealing with them was proving to be quite a challenge for



It would be great if she could take action against Liam first and dampen their


“I’m most afraid of your punishments, Ms. Quillen, so I will do my best!”

Emmanuel swore seriously.

Mackenzie suddenly felt a little flustered. This idiot, how can he say such a

cheesy thing in this kind of situation? Is he trying to make a fool of himself?!

10:51 Fri, Sep 22

Chapter 849 Guilty as Charged

Beatrix also suspected that her brother–in–law publicly displayed affection,

and she was fed a mouthful of feelings just like that!

Hats off to you, Emmanuel, for daring to do this, even in this situation.

Alas, Emmanuel was unaware of his wife and sister–in–law’s thoughts; he

was just speaking the truth.

Mackenzie’s punishment for him would always be to kick him out to fend for

himself or sleep on the floor, and he hated it.

So, he quickly used the equipment in the conference room to present the

evidence he had just collected from Samuel.

When the shareholders saw the specific chat records between Liam and

Samuel, as well as the transfer records, they were shocked beyond words.

“What a hypocrite! He actually paid someone to disrupt his own company’s


“Y–You’re slandering me! These chat records are all fabricated!”

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10:57 Fri, Sep 22


Chapter 849 Guilty as Charged


Liam’s lips gradually trembled as he felt the hostile gazes around him. Still, he

tried to deny it.

“Still refusing to admit it, huh?” Emmanuel pulled an icy smirk, his confident

demeanor evident.

Seeing her brother–in–law’s smile, Beatrix trembled inexplicably, as if she was


She loved it when villains held on to their pride and were struck by a

well–timed blow from the hero, completely shattering their despair.


Emmanuel didn’t disappoint her either. He immediately connected with

Samuel via video call.

Love at the Wrong Table (Emmanuel Lowe)

Love at the Wrong Table (Emmanuel Lowe)

The Enigmatic Return (Nancy’s And Roxanne )
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Read Online Love at the Wrong Table (Emmanuel Lowe)

He initially assumed that women who needed blind dates must have significant flaws, either physically or mentally. Emmanuel Lowe never imagined that the woman sitting before him would be a gorgeous beauty with a refined appearance! As it turned out, he had accidentally gone to the wrong table for the blind date and met the wrong woman! To his surprise, Emmanuel Lowe and the woman even had a whirlwind marriage. From then on, whenever he encountered challenges, her involvement would easily solve all problems. It wasn't until one day, when he saw an interview with the wealthiest woman in Yeringham, that he was astonished to find that the incredibly wealthy beauty looked exactly like his wife! She said, "I could become the wealthiest woman because I have a man supporting me from behind the scenes!" Read More His Ex-Wife is A Billionaire ? by Evadne  

Love at the Wrong Table (Emmanuel Lowe)


Some Important Questions Related to the Story

  1. Who is Emmanuel Lowe, and why is he at the café?
    • Emmanuel Lowe is a twenty-eight-year-old gynecologist who is at the café for a blind date set up by his mother.
  2. How many blind dates has Emmanuel been on before meeting Mackenzie?
    • Emmanuel had gone on seventeen blind dates before meeting Mackenzie.
  3. What prompts Emmanuel to help the old man outside the café?
    • Emmanuel hears the old man calling for help after he falls on the roadside, and he decides to assist him.
  4. What is Mackenzie Quillen's background and profession?
    • Mackenzie Quillen is twenty-seven years old with dual doctorates in finance and business administration from Harvard University. She claims to have made three billion dollars the previous year.
  5. How does Emmanuel react when he realizes that Mackenzie is his blind date?
    • Emmanuel is shocked and feels attracted to Mackenzie but remains calm and takes a seat at her table.
  6. How does Mackenzie initially react to Emmanuel's introduction?
    • Mackenzie smirks and introduces herself in a way that seems designed to intimidate Emmanuel.
  7. What does Emmanuel promise to do if he and Mackenzie get married?
    • Emmanuel promises to protect and cherish Mackenzie, take care of household chores, and contribute about five to six thousand dollars each month if they get married.
  8. Why does Mackenzie start laughing during their conversation?
    • Mackenzie laughs because she realizes that Emmanuel is confused and thinks she is his blind date when she is not.
  9. Who is the old man who enters Mackenzie's private room after Emmanuel leaves?
    • The old man is Terence Quillen, chairman of Yeringham's premier financial corporation and Mackenzie's grandfather.
  10. What does Terence Quillen hope to achieve by faking his fall and meeting Emmanuel?
    • Terence Quillen hopes to find a decent man for his granddaughter Mackenzie, as he wishes for her to marry and give him a great-grandchild. He believes Emmanuel may be a suitable candidate. Read More The Enigmatic Return By Juliana. Spicy
  1. Who is the main character in the story ?

The main character in this story is Emmanuel Lowe, a twenty-eight-year-old gynecologist who, after retiring from the military, works at a hospital in Yeringham. He has never been in a relationship and is set up on blind dates by his mother. Emmanuel is a kind and compassionate individual who comes to the aid of an old man in need, leading to a chance encounter with Mackenzie Quillen, a successful and confident woman who becomes a pivotal figure in his life...  


After Mackenzie and Emmanuel's initial encounter in the café, they decide to start over with a proper blind date. Over time, they get to know each other and fall in love. Despite their initial differences, they find common ground and build a strong relationship based on trust and mutual respect. Emmanuel's kindness and sincerity win Mackenzie over, and she realizes that love doesn't depend on financial success. They decide to get married, fulfilling Terence Quillen's wish for a great-grandchild. The story concludes with a heartwarming scene at their wedding, where Emmanuel's mother proudly watches her son find happiness, and Mackenzie's grandfather, Terence, rejoices in seeing his wish come true. Love conquers all, reminding us that true connections can be found in unexpected places....You can read many novels for free on this website and share them with your friends. Love at the Wrong Table (Emmanuel Lowe)


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