Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake Chapter 5

Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake Chapter 5

Read Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake Chapter 5 – Do We Know Each Other?

“Let’s go.” While speaking. Loria got off the stage with Wade.

Theodore shook off Yvonne’s hand. He strode forward and clamped Loria’s slender wrist.

Seeing this. Wade immediately went to hold his hand. “Get off from her. She is mine.”

“Yours? Really?” Theodore sneered, staring at her with piercing eyes.

Loria took a deep breath and turned around calmly.

“Mr. Franklin, if you don’t agree with the result, you can contact our lawyer at any time.” Loria looked coldly at the man she had missed for

five years.

She still had feelings in her heart, but she couldn’t lose her momentum no matter what.

She suddenly threw away Theodore’s hand, held Wade’s arm, and leaned against him deliberately.

Theodore’s face became livider. He gritted his teeth and held back his fury. He underestimated the woman in front of him. Five years ago, she loved him so much and could even die for him. Now she actually flirted with a man in front of him.

“Lora, you’re really something now and dare to disappear.”

His words undoubtedly confirmed the fact that they were once married. Everyone was waiting to see what would happen next.

Wade had always looked down on Theodore. Now he finally got the chance and wouldn’t miss it. He directly held Loria’s hand under

people’s gaze.

“Loria, do you know Mr. Franklin?”

A hint of sarcasm showed in the corner of her mouth. “Of course not. It’s the first time I’ve seen someone who likes to be with a shady


Everyone knew who Loria was swearing at because they all knew Theodore liked Yvonne.

What Loria said also disassociated herself from Theodore.

Wade laughed loudly. “Mr. Franklin, did you hear that? Loria just said she doesn’t know you.”

Seeing the two echoed each other, Theodore’s face became extremely gloomy. Looking at the two holding hands, he knew their

relationship must be special.

When he was about to speak, Andre and Sheila were worried about their mother and rushed up to hug Loria’s thigh. The moment he saw

the two kids. Theodore’s eyes turned freezing.

They were the two who were in the bathroom just now!


They called Lora mother?

Watching Theodore’s livid face, Wade stepped forward to hug Sheila and held Andre in his hand, making them look like a family of four. Theodore felt awful when seeing this.

The reporters who were confused about the relationship between the four now grinned with joy.

The mysterious gold finger in the entertainment industry was Wade from Milly Group who had a hidden marriage with his assistant and had two children. It was hard not to make headlines!

“What are you doing here?”

“We’re here to protect you. No one can hurt you.” Andre’s face was childish but serious, which made him very adorable.

Wade smiled. “Don’t worry. I’m here with mummy. No one can hurt her.”

Sheila was very clever. Seeing this, she kissed Wade on the face and said. “Daddy is the most powerful. I know you can protect mummy!”

Theodore felt his heart beat quickly for a while. He said, “Oh, it seems I really underestimated you. Five years ago, you seemed to love me so much. After we got divorced, you immediately h**ked another man. Well done.”

No wonder she was so resolute when she agreed to divorce. It turned out that she had already found another man.

Loria’s heart trembled. She didn’t expect he would think of her like this. She snorted, took a step forward, and leaned into his ear. Then she said in a low voice. “Theodore, don’t go too far. Isn’t it enough for you to have that shady b**tch?”

Theodore clenched his fists tightly. The scene was chaotic enough. If he pursued it here, things would be out of his control. His rationality told him that he should not continue to pursue it right now.

Loria didn’t care about him at all and watched him leave without looking back under the sighs of the audience. Wade followed behind with her children. When passing by that extremely dark face, he didn’t forget to add fuel to the fire.

“Hey, excuse me.”

Everyone was so attracted to Loria and couldn’t look away. Many women wished to marry Theodore but she directly denied her relationship with him. They thought Loria was very cool and didn’t feel strange that she was Liquor’s woman.

When Loria and Wade left, the reporters rushed up crazily and fired questions at Theodore. He looked at the reporters coldly as if his eyes could kill people, which immediately scared them and made them silent.

The scene suddenly became quiet again. Yvonne still didn’t give up. She stepped forward and shook his hand.

“Theodore, you must trust me. She framed me. She has always been scheming, hasn’t she?”

Theodore was not in the mood to listen to her. The images of the family of four flashed through his mind. Judging from the age of the children, Loria should have given birth less than a year after she divorced him. He couldn’t believe she dared to cheat him.

Theodore shook off Yvonne’s hand and walked to Ivan. Yvonne wanted to follow but was stopped by Ivan. “Please stop talking. This is too


“Notify the public relations to hold an emergency meeting. Let them deal with what happened tonight immediately and try to minimize the

negative impact.”

He paused and then added after a while. “As for the relationship between Yvonne and me, don’t give a positive response. I need to see the solution from the PR department within an hour.”

“Yes,” Ivan responded immediately.

After arranging everything. Theodore immediately strode away from the scene.

After leaving the scene and getting into the car, Wade instantly became a fan of his sister.

“You rock! I used to worry that you didn’t let him go, but now it seems I think too much. Great job!”

After finishing speaking, he looked at the two children who were silent at the side. “You two smart birds. I will buy whatever you want when

we go back.”

When the children called him father, it made the act more real and made Theodore more furious.


“Well done!” Wade really enjoyed it.

The next second, Loria looked at the two children with serious eyes, which immediately made the two little guys quiet. They lowered their heads and were afraid to speak.

“She didn’t want them to get involved in grown-ups’ business. Although they were for her own good, it would be troublesome if Theodore became suspicious and found out the children were his.”

Before she taught them a lesson, the driver said. “Mr. Wade, the car behind has been following us.”

When they turned their heads. Loria recognized the car belonged to Theodore at first glance. “Why does he catch up? Shouldn’t he comfort his beloved woman?” Loria thought in her mind.

“Leave him. Keep driving.” Wade didn’t care about him at all.

Loria knew Theodore. Since he caught up with her, he must have something to say. He would keep following him if they didn’t stop. It would be difficult to manage if he knew where she and her children lived.

“Find a place with few people in front and pull over.”

“No way? You want to meet that brat?” Wade was dissatisfied and didn’t want his sister to be ruined by an a*shole.

“I need to make things clear, otherwise he won’t let it go.” She didn’t want him to think that it was because she couldn’t forget him that she

gave Yvonne a hard time on purpose.

The car stopped five minutes later. Wade waited in the car with the two children. Loria and Theodore got out of the car. She didn’t speak

and went into the alley next to her..

The alley was very quiet. Loria stopped and turned around, and saw Theodore standing behind him. It was ridiculous. She couldn’t believe

he would chase her all over the street one day after their divorce for five years.

“That stunt double is Paula’s daughter. The one who died was her husband.” Loria spoke first and got straight to the point.

Theodore didn’t speak a word.

She didn’t need to explain more as she knew he had understood all of this. Paula was the best housekeeper in the Franklin family. She was

the best to Loria when she was in the Franklin family. During the two years of marriage, she saw Paula even more than him.

Loria had never forgotten Paula’s care for her. After knowing what happened in the entertainment industry, she deliberately seized this chance and returned from abroad to seek justice for Paula’s family. She would also sign a contract with that girl in the future and let her be

an artist in her company.

As for why Yvonne hurt that girl, it was easy to understand. She couldn’t tolerate anyone related to Loria, but this matter was life and death, which was enough to show how ruthless she was.

“So you are not qualified to come to me. I’m not the one who should be blamed.” Loria said with a cold face.

Theodore had never seen her like this before. His brows slightly frowned. “You think I’m here to blame you.”

“Isn’t it?” She humiliated his beloved woman in public. He naturally wouldn’t let it pass easily.

Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake

Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake - A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption “The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee” is a touching and poignant novel by Vera Whitehead that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Synopsis After two years of marriage, Theodore suddenly asked for a divorce. He said, "She's back, I want to give her a home." Loria didn't cry or beg him. She signed the divorce agreement and left gracefully. Five years later, the daughter of Peters Group returned when everyone thought she was dead. With multiple powerful identities, she began to revenge on those who hurt her before. Theodore was completely panicked. The next day he pushed her against the corner and apologized, "I was wrong in the past. I will love you with all my heart in the future. Let's get married." Loria sneered. "It's too late. Your love is worth nothing. Men will only affect I make money." Andre looked at his dad and shook his head helplessly. "Daddy is very not good at it. He is not worthy of our mummy." Until Loria was held by another men's hand to the engagement ceremony, Sheila who was bought over by Theodore rushed forward and hugged Loria's thigh. She said, "Mummy, daddy has been standing in the corner for three days. Don't you need to think about it one more time?" In conclusion, “Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey” is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women’s fiction.


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