Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake Chapter 17

Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake Chapter 17

Read Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake Chapter 17 – Domineering Woman

Ives realized that she was as disgusting as her father.

Anyway, he had already warned her, but she didn’t listen to him. Therefore, he wouldn’t bother to stop her again.

It would be better that she rushed into this mess and ended up with nothing.

The meeting, which lasted for three hours, ended with a brief compromise among shareholders.

Before the meeting adjourned, the major shareholders were still unwilling to pay attention to Loria, and Ives also put away his hypocritical


However, he still had to keep acting reluctantly by telling Loria not to be ignorant.

“Uncle Ives, I understand what you said, but I have made up my mind. Don’t persuade me again.”

Seeing Loria’s stubborn attitude, Ives stopped persuading her and left.

He wished she would always be so stubborn so that she would be kicked out of the company half a year later.

Only Loria, Greg, and Colby were left in the meeting room. Loria rubbed her temples and leaned lazily in the chair.

“These old fools are too difficult to deal with.”

This meeting was more difficult than expected, but fortunately, the result was good enough.

Although the current effect wasn’t noticeable, at least those shareholders wouldn’t mess with her again publicly.

“It’s almost noon. Let’s have lunch.” Colby suggested.

Loria looked at the time. She was indeed exhausted, so she nodded.

“Alright. Greg, let’s go together.”

Greg cleared his throat and shook his head.

“I still have other things to do. You must be tired today. Go back and have a good rest. Don’t worry about the Sainta Company for now.”

Greg always wished that Loria and Colby could be together, so he didn’t want to disturb them.

Loria nodded.

When everyone was thinking of taking advantage of her, only Greg cared about her.

Soon, Colby and Loria also left the company.

Although the food in the cafeteria was no worse than the dishes of a restaurant, Colby didn’t plan to take Loria there because he knew

Loria’s preferences very well.

He drove past several luxurious shopping malls and finally stopped in front of a restaurant.

Loria was very familiar with the restaurant’s signboard.

Meeting Loria’s puzzled gaze, Colby explained,

“I assume that you probably miss this restaurant after seven years.”

This restaurant was Loria’s favorite, and she often came here in the past.

She loved the dishes and also enjoyed the environment.

It wasn’t a luxurious hotel but located by the street in a secluded corner of the city, with a wide road by the window.

She enjoyed looking at the heavy traffic and the feeling of the sun shining on her face through the tree shadow outside the window. The landlady had a bit of an accent, and she used to ask Loria what she would like to eat with a smile.

In this city, this restaurant was Loria’s paradise.

Colby used to write down the dishes she ordered silently, knowing she liked to sit in the corner by the window.

Loria sat down at her usual place and stroked the leather armchair.

“The style of this restaurant has changed.”

It used to be a beautiful wooden chair, but now it was replaced by something colder.

“Four years ago, this place was renovated. Although the decoration has changed, the taste is still the same.”

Just as they were talking, the dishes were served. The smiling landlady was gone, replaced by several young and beautiful girls.

“It tastes the same, but we aren’t.” Loria commented after taking a bite.

In the past, she often begged Colby to take her here, and he would always compromise.

These dishes were still the same as in her memory, but her feelings were different from before.

Colby knew what she meant. He lowered his head and concealed his expression.

Then, he reached out and picked a piece of duck for Loria. “What are you going to do next?”

Today’s meeting was just the beginning. The shareholders and Ives would not let Loria get what she wanted so easily.

Even though Loria had sworn, these shareholders still didn’t believe that Loria could make the Sainta Company great again. Besides, someone would probably take action behind her back.

This was only the first step.

If Loria wanted to take the Peters Group back, the road ahead would surely be bumpy.

Colby wanted to help Loria, but just like what the shareholders had said, he was not very important to the company.

“Don’t worry. I know what to do.”

Even if the road ahead were full of danger, she would clear out everything that tried to stop her.

On the other side.

Since Clyde came back last night, he had been searching Loria’s past. He looked at her story and felt amazed.

D*mn. He only thought Loria was a domineering woman, but he didn’t expect that she had suffered so much.

Theodore’s ex-wife was really something.

It seemed that Theodore would have a lot of trouble in the future.

Clyde couldn’t wait to call Theodore, wanting to see his reaction when he knew this.

The phone beeped twice, and Theodore answered the call with a tired voice.

“What’s up.”

“Can you stop being so indifferent? I’m trying my best to help you.”

Clyde felt sad.

Knowing that there was probably news about Loria, Theodore’s voice became deeper.

“I’m in Kintoy. Let’s meet.”

Clyde stood up abruptly. “What? You’re in Kintoy? When? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Theodore had gotten off the plane not long ago, and he had just finished a video conference. When he heard Clyde’s yelling, he felt rather


“Same old place. Come to see me.”

Then, Theodore instantly hung up the phone before Clyde could curse him.

Every time Theodore came to Kintoy, he would stay at the Empire Hotel in the city center, and he even rented a top-level suite.

But what the hell was the same old place? Theodore’s words sounded like they often slept together in that suite.

Clyde went to meet Theodore half an hour later, and Theodore went straight to the point.

“Any news?”

Clyde raised his eyebrows as if thinking of something, teasing. “You still have a long way to go before you get your wife back.”

Theodore frowned slightly, and Clyde stopped teasing him and told Loria’s story to him.

Her parents died early, and she was raised by her uncle.

However, judging from Clyde’s information, Ives was full of ambition.

Loria lost her parents’ protection, and her relatives were ambitious. It could be seen that she was having a hard time in the Peters Group.

In fact, it was more dangerous than hard.

“Surprisingly, Loria disappeared in an accident when she was eighteen. She has been missing for seven years. You should know better

than me where she was during these seven years.”

Clyde turned to Theodore and glanced at him, trying to see some surprise on his face.

However, Theodore seemed to have a cold face. by nature, and Clyde didn’t see any other expressions on his face.

Theodore certainly knew where Loria was seven years ago.

However, the other information that Clyde had found made Theodore more curious about Loria.

Theodore and Loria happened to get married seven years ago.

There must be someone who would look for a person who had been missing for seven years, so Loria probably got married to him to hide.

her identity.

It was really a good move.

No wonder she had always been loving during the two years of their marriage. After they divorced, she became cold and indifferent. It turned out she had been pretending from the start.

When they divorced, he felt sorry for her and even agreed to give her 10 million dollars and a house as compensation.

Nobody ever dared to plot against him like this. If Loria hadn’t returned suddenly with a high profile, he would have been kept in the dark. until now.

Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake

Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake - A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption “The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee” is a touching and poignant novel by Vera Whitehead that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Synopsis After two years of marriage, Theodore suddenly asked for a divorce. He said, "She's back, I want to give her a home." Loria didn't cry or beg him. She signed the divorce agreement and left gracefully. Five years later, the daughter of Peters Group returned when everyone thought she was dead. With multiple powerful identities, she began to revenge on those who hurt her before. Theodore was completely panicked. The next day he pushed her against the corner and apologized, "I was wrong in the past. I will love you with all my heart in the future. Let's get married." Loria sneered. "It's too late. Your love is worth nothing. Men will only affect I make money." Andre looked at his dad and shook his head helplessly. "Daddy is very not good at it. He is not worthy of our mummy." Until Loria was held by another men's hand to the engagement ceremony, Sheila who was bought over by Theodore rushed forward and hugged Loria's thigh. She said, "Mummy, daddy has been standing in the corner for three days. Don't you need to think about it one more time?" In conclusion, “Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey” is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women’s fiction.


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