Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake Chapter 16

Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake Chapter 16

Read Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake Chapter 16 – Unable to Survive

Ives didn’t expect a girl to have such eyes.

“You’re wrong. What I want is never the name, I want to protect the entire Sainta Company and the Peters Group.”

Her father devoted many efforts to the Sainta Company, and the Peters Group was his hope.

Loria knew that Sainta Company’s decline was Ives’s first attack.

If she gave in right now, then her return would become a joke.

She would lose her position, and the Peters Group would naturally become Ives’s property.

In any case, the Sainta Company must be saved.

Seeing Loria and the board of directors go against each other, Ives thought his scheme had succeeded.

So what if Loria had come back alive? She was still a fool and exposed her weakness so easily.

She was just a brat. Even though she was the heir of the Peters Group, she still couldn’t compete with him.

“How dare you say such nonsense? You know nothing! How could your father give birth to such a fool like you?”

Loria’s eyes froze. Since just now, Mr. Watkins had always been targeting her. His harsh words showed that he was a loyal supporter of


“Mr. Watkins, you must have forgotten that you’re sitting here because of my father. He gave you everything, but you insult his daughter instead. What a wonderful way to repay his kindness.”

Her gaze swept across the shareholders present. They had more or less been favored by her father, but Ives bought them off not long after

he took charge of the company.

However, their ambition was greater than Ives’s petty favors.

Loria didn’t want to waste her time arguing with them. It would only drive more people apart.

Her father’s hard work must be preserved, and unity was also important.

Mr. Watkins was furious. He pointed at Loria for a long time but couldn’t say anything.

Some loudest shareholders twitched their lips for a while but remained silent, which seemed to admit that Loria’s words were true.

“Everyone, I know many of you are dissatisfied, and I also know that my decision is too hasty, so I’ll put it bluntly. I must keep the Sainta


Loria paused and continued.

“Of course, I’m aware of the consequences. Since you don’t believe me, I will swear in front of you. I will bring Sainta Company back to life

within half a year.”

Everyone looked at each other after hearing her words.

*Anyone can brag. Nobody believes that you have this ability.”

Even if her father was capable, he was already dead.

With such a desperate situation, not even the most experienced businessman could guarantee that the Sainta Company would come back

to life, let alone Loria.

“Believe it or not, give me half a year and find out. Or do you mean that you won’t be alive by then?”

The man blushed in anger, and he was speechless for a while.

“Smart a*s.”

Loria smiled lightly. “Thank you.”

“I believe her.” Colby said.

He got up slowly. “It’s only half a year. If she can’t do it, I will leave with her.”

Greg also got up. “She’s as good as her father. I trust in her ability. It will only take half a year. If she can make it, then everyone can benefit.

If not, we’ll bear all the consequences. Is it too much to ask you to wait for half a year?”

The faces of the shareholders were visibly darkened.

Even though Colby was the adopted son of Mr. Harrison, he didn’t have any real power.

But Greg was different from Colby. Greg was the most important among the old shareholders. He was as important as a general who helped the king to establish a country. Even though Ives took charge of almost everything. Greg’s status couldn’t be affected.

Ives had been in power for seven years, but he didn’t dare to do anything to Greg, which was enough to show that Greg’s position was very


Ives’s face became pale as his smile faded. He was no longer complacent. If he had known this would happen, he shouldn’t have kept

them around.

Their words meant that they had stated their position, and there was no turning back.

At this moment, neither of them hesitated. When Loria was most isolated and helpless, they supported her firmly and became her

strongest backing.

Ives’s plan was ruined.

He glanced at Mr. Watkins, who immediately jumped out again.

“So what if someone supports you? We can wait for half a year, but what if you fail?”

Loria smiled. “If I can’t do it, I will no longer attend the board meeting. What do you think?”

This condition was so attempting that the shareholders, who kept objecting loudly, couldn’t say anything more.

They certainly could afford to wait for half a year, and they might be able to drive Loria out and get her shares without any effort. This deal

was obviously worth it.

Anyone who wasn’t a fool knew what to choose.

Ives sighed slightly, looking worried.

It took a long time before he spoke again in a low voice. He seemed sincere, but his words were full of traps.

“Loria, why didn’t you take my advice? Do you know the consequences if you swear in front of us? If you fail, you will have to leave the Peters Group. At that time, I won’t be able to help you.”

“If you give in right now and say that you’ve changed your mind, I believe everyone will forgive you.”

Help her? Loria knew Ives couldn’t wait to kick her out of the company. She wondered why he had to be so pretentious, and maybe his acting skills were good enough for a drama.

If she gave in, everyone in the Peters Group would know she was weak. Then, all of them would bully her at will.

Loria would never give the Peters Group to anyone.

She saw through Ives’s mind and smiled. Then, she looked straight into his eyes.

“Don’t you want to see me leave the Peters Group?”

Her words sounded like a joke, but it was a bit embarrassing to say that in public. The smile on Ives’s face froze for a moment.

“Loria, are you kidding me? I want you to become stronger so that your father can rest in peace.”

“Of course, I was joking. Uncle Ives, don’t take it seriously.” Loria got up and looked at him; her gaze seemed to be fighting with his.

Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake

Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake - A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption “The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee” is a touching and poignant novel by Vera Whitehead that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Synopsis After two years of marriage, Theodore suddenly asked for a divorce. He said, "She's back, I want to give her a home." Loria didn't cry or beg him. She signed the divorce agreement and left gracefully. Five years later, the daughter of Peters Group returned when everyone thought she was dead. With multiple powerful identities, she began to revenge on those who hurt her before. Theodore was completely panicked. The next day he pushed her against the corner and apologized, "I was wrong in the past. I will love you with all my heart in the future. Let's get married." Loria sneered. "It's too late. Your love is worth nothing. Men will only affect I make money." Andre looked at his dad and shook his head helplessly. "Daddy is very not good at it. He is not worthy of our mummy." Until Loria was held by another men's hand to the engagement ceremony, Sheila who was bought over by Theodore rushed forward and hugged Loria's thigh. She said, "Mummy, daddy has been standing in the corner for three days. Don't you need to think about it one more time?" In conclusion, “Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey” is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women’s fiction.


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