Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake Chapter 12

Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake Chapter 12

Read Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake Chapter 12 – The Real Owner

Loria looked at them coldly but kept walking, ready to fight with them.

At this moment, one of the security guards said, “It’s Ms. Loria!”

Everyone froze on the spot. Loria also looked over and saw a familiar man, but she couldn’t remember him.

Dylan Olson took off his hat and stepped forward. “Ms. Loria, don’t you remember me? I’m Dylan Olson. I was deceived when I came back to look for my parents ten years ago. You helped me and gave me this job. I’ve been waiting for you to return.”

Loria heard his words and remembered something. Ten years ago, when she was fifteen, she met a young adult on her way home. He was

from Karina.

She knew he was alone, so she gave him this job. But she didn’t expect that he had been working here until now.

“Everyone, stand down. Ms. Loria is the real owner of this castle.”

Dylan was the captain of the security team. With his words, all security guards retreated to the side.

“Thank you for all these years.” Loria nodded.

The housekeeper became angry. “Captain, don’t forget who you serve now. If Ms. Nicole blames you…”

Before she finished speaking, Loria slapped her hard on the face.

The housekeeper was caught off guard and fell to the ground. She covered her face in disbelief. “You dare to hit me! I’m Ms. Nicole’s


“Even if Nicole is here, I can still hit you if you annoy me.”

Probably because they were getting louder, Nicole, who was arranging flowers inside, heard the noise and came out displeased.

“What are you arguing about? It’s so annoying! Can you bear the consequence…”

Before she could finish speaking, she saw Loria in the middle of the crowd. Nicole was stunned when she saw that familiar yet strange. figure, and she went forward with a wry smile after a while.

“Loria, you’re back. I just heard from my father this morning that you had returned safely. I didn’t believe it until right now! It’s wonderful!”

She was too hypocritical.

Loria once got lost in Nicole’s hypocrisy, but now she knew Nicole was only afraid of being caught out. After all, it was Loria’s critical

moment to take back Ives’s resources.

“Wonderful? Oh, I’m afraid there’s nothing wonderful for you.”

Loria glanced at Nicole in disdain. Then, she strode inside with Dylan.

The housekeeper stepped forward and hugged Nicole’s thigh. “Miss, you must help me.”

The smile on Nicole’s face disappeared, and she kicked the housekeeper away. Her eyes were filled with cruelty.

“Get lost.”

When Loria entered the castle, she noticed the familiar environment in her memory had become strange. Nicole rearranged almost everything in the castle according to her preferences.

Nicole also occupied Loria’s bedroom. Everything that belonged to Loria and her parents was gone.

Her heart was instantly filled with anger. Loria sat on the sofa expressionlessly with her arms crossed in front of her chest, and her aura

frightened everyone.

“Come forward.”

“Yes, Ms. Loria.” Dylan stood beside her.

“Throw away everything that doesn’t belong to this castle. As for the roses at the entrance, I want them gone by tomorrow morning.”

“Yes.” Dylan took her order and asked his subordinates to start working.

The guards always disliked Nicole’s temper and couldn’t bear her any longer. Now, they were more effective than anyone when they finally

got to vent their anger.

When Nicole came in, she saw them moving her stuff outside. She was startled and asked them to stop, but none of them listened to her.

“Loria, what do you mean?” Nicole seemed embarrassed, and she was even a bit angry.

“I’m driving you away. Can’t you see?” Loria sneered.

“You!” For a moment, Nicole wanted to rush forward and beat Loria. However, she thought about her father’s words and suppressed her


Her father and Loria were competing, and now it was the critical moment to buy people off. She couldn’t let anyone catch them out.

Nicole put on an embarrassing smile. “Loria, don’t you think you’ve gone too far? I have lived in this castle for seven years after you left.

and I am used to living here.”

Loria smiled and looked at her coldly. “So what? I think you have lived here for too long and even forgot who owns this castle. Let me tell

you, this castle belongs to the Peters family, but its owner is Loria Peters, not Nicole Peters.”

Loria got up, picked up the flowers that Nicole was arranging just now, and played with them. “If you really like this castle, let your father

build one for you. After all, he has been in charge of the company for so many years and should have made a lot of money. You are his

precious daughter, and I believe he will not refuse.”

Nicole clenched her fists tightly and couldn’t maintain her fake smile anymore. “Loria, do you have to be so ruthless? I know you’re back,

but my father is still in charge of the Peters family!”

“For now.”


Nicole choked on Loria’s words, and her face became livid. However, she could only watch helplessly as the guards moved out her stuff.

Looking at her indignant look, Loria stood up and stepped on the flower. “People should never covet things that don’t belong to them, lest they get nothing in the end and embarrass themselves. Don’t you think?”

Then, Loria chuckled lightly. “You may leave. I won’t see you off.”

Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake

Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey By Colette Drake - A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption “The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee” is a touching and poignant novel by Vera Whitehead that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Synopsis After two years of marriage, Theodore suddenly asked for a divorce. He said, "She's back, I want to give her a home." Loria didn't cry or beg him. She signed the divorce agreement and left gracefully. Five years later, the daughter of Peters Group returned when everyone thought she was dead. With multiple powerful identities, she began to revenge on those who hurt her before. Theodore was completely panicked. The next day he pushed her against the corner and apologized, "I was wrong in the past. I will love you with all my heart in the future. Let's get married." Loria sneered. "It's too late. Your love is worth nothing. Men will only affect I make money." Andre looked at his dad and shook his head helplessly. "Daddy is very not good at it. He is not worthy of our mummy." Until Loria was held by another men's hand to the engagement ceremony, Sheila who was bought over by Theodore rushed forward and hugged Loria's thigh. She said, "Mummy, daddy has been standing in the corner for three days. Don't you need to think about it one more time?" In conclusion, “Exes to Lovers: A Remarriage Journey” is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women’s fiction.


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