Broken Vows Second Chances by Gwen Hayes By Gwen Hayes Chapter 96

Broken Vows Second Chances by Gwen Hayes By Gwen Hayes Chapter 96

Broken Vows Second Chances by Gwen Hayes By Gwen Hayes Chapter 96

Becky was stunned, and her face gradually turned pale

Becky had never expected that Max would say something like that to her

What did Max mean when he said, Since you know you are not careful, then be more careful next time

So, did it mean that Max felt that Becky’s fall like this today was her own problem and had nothing to do with Elizabeth? He didn’t intend to hold Elizabeth accountable, did he

Becky told herself that she shouldn’t be doing this at this time. What she should be thinking about right now was why Max thought like this after going out for a while. It must be something Elizabeth said to him that caused his opinion to change. Could it be… 

Thinking of something, Becky’s face turned pale

At that moment, Becky couldn’t care about anything anymore and suddenly threw herself into Max’s arms, crying softly

I’m sorry. I will keep your words in mind. My wound hurts a lot. The doctor told me that it would leave a scar, which made my mind really messed up. Where did you go just now? Max, do you want to leave me after hearing that I will have a scar on my forehead, so you think I’m ugly?” 

The tenderness in his arms made Max’s heart even more irritable. He frowned slightly and subconsciously wanted to raise his hand to push Becky away

But Becky hugged him even tighter, sobbing softly, and asked, Do you know why when I was young, I would rather risk my life to save you?” 

Hearing this, Max paused and stopped

What happened in childhood could always poke the soft spot in his heart

With tears in her eyes, Becky buried her face in his arms and hugged his thin waist tightly. Because I can’t lose you, Max. Don’t leave me, okay?” 

Max lowered his eyes and looked at Becky in front of him.. 

Thinking back to when he struggled and thrashed in the river, the girl jumped in to save him regardless of her life

That was not the courage that ordinary people could have

She had to value him so much to do this.. 

The softness in Max’s heart was touched. Besides, it was indeed her that saved his life

Thinking of this, Max finally put his hand on Becky’s shoulder and patted lightly, Don’t think too much. I’ll take you back to 

rest first.” 

Noticing that his tone had softened, Becky breathed a sigh of relief

Sure enough, using this old excuse of saving him was really useful. Fortunately, she still had this bargaining chip

From this point of view, Elizabeth was not useless

If Elizabeth hadn’t risked her life and jumped into the water to rescue Max back then, Becky would never have jumped into the water to save Max, and by the time Becky found someone, Max might be dead

But because Elizabeth rescued him, not only did Max not die, but Becky also even got the title of his lifesaver

Killing two birds with one stone. Becky smiles triumphantly in a place where no one could see

Back in the ward, the doctor came to treat her wound and gave her instructions again. When Becky thought of leaving a scar on her forehead, she felt very sad

Doctor, will there really be a scar on my forehead?” 

The doctor was a middleaged man, and he could only sigh, seeing her pitiful appearance

The wound is a bit big, and it’s impossible not to leave a scar. If you really mind it, wait until the wound is healed and see if there is any way to deal with it. Otherwise, you can get bangs in the future, which can also block it.” 

Becky originally had bangs, and her forehead was not very beautiful, so she could only get bangs to cover her forehead to look 


Even if there was a scar in the future, her bangs could indeed block it

But that didn’t mean she could bear the scar

So when the doctor left, Becky cried and whined to Max again

Max, when I think of having a scar, I feel very sad. Do you think I will become ugly if I have scars in the future? Will you despise me and not want me anymore?” 

Max’s thin lips moved, but he couldn’t utter a single word of what he was supposed to answer

In the end, he could only say, Take some rest first, and we’ll see after recovering from the injury.” 

Becky was very disappointed when she didn’t hear the answer she wanted. Before lying down, she even wondered if Max had fallen in love with Elizabeth in the past two years

No! Max was the man Becky liked, and Becky would definitely let him go

For his lifesaving grace, Becky had to make good use of it so that Max could turn all his thoughts back to Becky

On the other side

When Elizabeth woke up, she felt dizzy. After lying down for a while, she suddenly felt nauseous. She got up and leaned on the sink, retching for a long time

In the end, Elizabeth sat against the door of the bathroom as if her whole body was powerless

How could she suddenly vomit so hard? Elizabeth’s hand lightly landed on her lower abdomen, and she looked a little worried. The baby should be fine, right

Elizabeth waited for a while before getting up to drink a few sips of water and then called her best friend Megan

As soon as Megan heard that Elizabeth was vomiting badly, Megan immediately said, Then you should take a leave today, and I will accompany you to the hospital.” 

I know. I was going to do that.” 

After hanging up the phone, Elizabeth originally wanted to ask Max for leave, but after thinking about it, Elizabeth didn’t want to contact him anymore, so Elizabeth just contacted Kiera, told Kiera that she had something to do today, and asked Kiera to tell Max later when Max went to the company

When Kiera received the call from Elizabeth, she had just woken up and was still yawning. Hearing the news from Elizabeth, Kiera immediately regained her energy

After a while, Kiera suddenly realized that Elizabeth had asked her to ask for leave on Elizabeth’s behalf. Why didn’t Elizabeth ask Mr. Hart for her leave in person? Could it be because of that Becky again

It must be Becky

Kiera held the phone angrily and couldn’t help cursing loudly

Mr. Hart is such a scumbag! He dared to bully Elizabeth. I hate him so much!” 


On the noisy subway, Megan turned her head and looked worriedly at Elizabeth beside her

Elizabeth sat there, and her pale face gave her beautiful face a sense of vulnerability, but her lips were very pale, and it seemed that she was suffering a lot

Megan had heard that some pregnant women might have a constitution of morning sickness and would vomit very badly. Although she hadn’t seen one with her own eyes, she could imagine the pain in those people’s stomachs

Now her best friend seemed to be going through such a thing

Her morning sickness and vomiting were not normal. Elizabeth vomited so hard that her face turned pale as if she was sick

Megan was worried, so she held Elizabeth’s hand

Elizabeth opened her eyes and looked at Megan

Don’t worry. I’m here for you.Megan held Elizabeth’s hand firmly, conveying the temperature of her hand to Elizabeth

Elizabeth smiled at Megan and couldn’t help but lean toward Megan

Seeing this, Megan immediately adjusted her posture with comprehension and turned her shoulders to Elizabeth. Elizabeth just leaned her head on Megan’s shoulders, putting all the strength in Elizabeth’s body on Megan

Thank you, Megan.” 

It was nice to have a real friend.

Broken Vows Second Chances by Gwen Hayes By Gwen Hayes

Broken Vows Second Chances by Gwen Hayes By Gwen Hayes

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: Broken Vows Second Chances by Gwen Hayes By Gwen Hayes- A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption "The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee" is a touching and poignant novel by Vera Whitehead that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Synopsis Broken Vows Second Chances Broken Vows, Second Chances Gwen Hayes> PUB: LoveLand Culture 16+ Synopsis "Let's get a divorce. She's back." On the second anniversary of their marriage, Elizabeth was ruthlessly abandoned by Max Hart. She hid the pregnancy test and disappeared from his world. Unexpectedly, Max went crazy from this day on, looking for her all over the world. One day, he saw the woman he had been looking for a long time passing by happily with a baby. "Whose child is this?" Max roared with red eyes.  

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Yes, of course, you will definitely enjoy this newest novel, Broken Vows Second Chances It is getting popular and easily available to read online with all its chapters.

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This novel is based on the dark side of marriage and divorce. It’s a romantic genre story to read with the characterization of couple Keegan Kate and Stella Jewells following up with many incidents around.

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You can read all chapters of Broken Vows Second Chances novel online. In fact, the story or book is available with complete status.

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The novel Broken Vows Second Chances by Gwen Hayes comes under the authorship of Eleven Jewells.


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,"Broken Vows Second Chances by Gwen Hayes" is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women's fiction.


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