Broken Vows Second Chances by Gwen Hayes By Gwen Hayes Chapter 46

Broken Vows Second Chances by Gwen Hayes By Gwen Hayes Chapter 46

Chapter 46

If only he could do it…

Becky almost blurted out a request to him, but when the words came to her lips, she swallowed them back.

She couldn’t mention it at this time, and she needed to calm down.

So she had no choice but to ask about Madam Hart’s condition instead.

“After I returned to China, I never had the chance to visit her. If possible, I would like to visit her in a few days.”

Max frowned and rejected her.

“Wait a little longer. I’m worried that it will affect grandma.”

The smile on Becky’s lips faded a little, and it was the same result. For some reason, Grandma Hart didn’t seem to like her.

However, because she was Max’s benefactor, Grandma Hart had all the courtesy she should have, but she was very polite and only regarded her as a benefactor.

But she treats Elizabeth as if she is her own granddaughter.

This made Becky feel aggrieved in his heart.

Finally, Becky nodded obediently.

“Okay. I’ll listen to you.”

It was only a few days away anyway, she didn’t have to be hurry.

After Elizabeth’s annual leave was over, she returned to the company.

She took her annual leave in a hurry. Even though she had handed over the work well before the leave, the person who took

over was still not capable enough. When Elizabeth came back, she found that there were many mistakes in the work.

So as soon as she returned to her job, she was very busy again.

There are a lot of things waiting for her to deal with.

It was not until noon that Elizabeth had time to stop.

In the middle, Kiera came in to bring her water a few times. At first, she brought her coffee. Elizabeth took it up and took a sip. After the bitter taste swept through her mouth, she remembered something and put down the coffee in her hand. The cup didn’t drink anymore.

When Kiera came in again, she found that she hadn’t taken a sip of her coffee. It was completely cold in this weather.

Kiera said casually, “Elizabeth, I’ll give you another cup of coffee.”

Hearing this, Elizabeth finally raised her head from work, and said, “Kiera, replace all my coffee with plain water from now


“What?” Kiera thought she had heard it wrong. “No more coffee?”

“Yes. No more.”

Kiera liked talking. After listening to it, she asked subconsciously, “Why? If you only drink plain water, you won’t be able to refresh yourself, will you?”

Elizabeth didn’t answer, just looked at her with a smile.

Only then did Kiera realize that she seemed to have talked too much, she scratched her head in embarrassment. “I’m sorry. I

will replace it with plain water for you from now on.”


After speaking, Elizabeth lowered her head and buried herself in the work.

In retrospect, she really couldn’t drink coffee anymore, not even tea. She had a high work intensity. If she had it, she might have to drink a lot in a day. It was better to just drink plain water.

After being available, Elizabeth was so tired that he leaned on the chair and closed his eyes gently.

After a while, her cell phone rang.

Elizabeth took it out and took a look. It was Max calling.

Elizabeth answered, “What’s the matter? If it’s business, you can use the inline phone.”

He paused, as if choking on her words.

After a while, he said coldly, “Not about business. Have you eaten lunch? If you have not, come and join us.”

His tone was short and quick

She never thought he would call her over to eat lunch. Elizabeth glanced at the desk, and was about to refuse when he heard

another voice from the phone.

“Keep your voice down. Elizabeth, I made your lunch. We’ll wait for you to come over.”

Elizabeth’s eyes turned cold, and her voice was unrecognizable. “No. You can eat first. I still have work to do. Don’t wait for


After finishing speaking, Elizabeth hung up the phone.

Just at this moment, she saw Kiera was about to go out. She got up and asked, “Kiera, are you going to eat?”

“Yes, Elizabeth. Do you want to go together?”

“Yeah. Let’s go together.”

Elizabeth Blaine took her mobile phone and bag, and followed Kiera to the company cafeteria,

Walking beside Elizabeth, Kiera felt flattered. This was the first time she and Elizabeth came to the company’s cafeteria.

So she was very excited and kept looking for topics with Elizabeth.

“Elizabeth, are you used to eating in the cafeteria? If not, we can eat outside.”

“No need.” Elizabeth smiled and said, “The cafeteria is quite close. It’s convenient to go back to work after eating.”

“Ah…” When mentioning work, Kiera blamed herself instantly, “I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. If I were more capable, I wouldn’t have piled up so much work.”

Hearing this, Elizabeth glanced at her, but was not comforted.

When she and Max divorced, she would definitely quit this job. Kiera was the only one she was in charge of. When she had

gone, she would bring Kiera up.

In the past, Elizabeth was quite slack towards her. Kiera solved most of the things by herself, learning things slowly.

Now it seemed that Kiera couldn’t learn slowly.

“If you feel guilty, start studying and working harder in the afternoon.” Elizabeth said lightly.

Kiera froze for a moment, then nodded vigorously.

“Okay. I will try my best to relieve your worries.”

After that, they went to line up for dinner..

While cooking, many people looked at Elizabeth and whispered.

When she sat down, those people became so arrogant that the discussions became louder.

“Is there a mistake? A president’s wife actually comes to the cafeteria with everyone. She doesn’t think she is very close to ordinary people, does she?”

“Close to ordinary people? Please, don’t call her the president’s wife anymore. Which president’s wife is a secretary? Our

company’s future president’s wife is in Mr. Hart’s office right now.”!!

They talked loudly, as if they felt that Elizabeth was down, so they said it to her on purpose.

“You’re talking about Becky, the eldest lady of the Gabriel family, right? I saw her yesterday. She came to deliver meals to Mr.

Hart. And she’s also here today. She’s really considerate.”

“I heard that this is the person Mr. Hart really wants to marry. Not only is she has a good family background, she is beautiful, but more importantly, he saved Mr. Hart’s life.”

“What about so-and-so? She has nothing, not to mention family’s bankruptcy. And she has to rely on the relationship with Mr. Hart to join the Hart Group as a secretary. It’s useless to Mr. Hart.”

Elizabeth listened quietly to these discussions.

When she heard the last sentence, she even gave a hint of agreement.

It was not wrong, her family background couldn’t help Max in terms of career, and couldn’t provide much.


But Kiera, who was sitting opposite, couldn’t stand them. She put down the chopsticks heavily, “These people are too much. I’m going to argue with them.”

After finishing the words, Kiera stood up angrily.

But Elizabeth said indifferently, “You are not allowed to do this.”


Elizabeth’s tone was very light, but the words carried a lot of weight, “Sit down.”


Broken Vows Second Chances by Gwen Hayes By Gwen Hayes

Broken Vows Second Chances by Gwen Hayes By Gwen Hayes

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: Broken Vows Second Chances by Gwen Hayes By Gwen Hayes- A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption "The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee" is a touching and poignant novel by Vera Whitehead that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Synopsis Broken Vows Second Chances Broken Vows, Second Chances Gwen Hayes> PUB: LoveLand Culture 16+ Synopsis "Let's get a divorce. She's back." On the second anniversary of their marriage, Elizabeth was ruthlessly abandoned by Max Hart. She hid the pregnancy test and disappeared from his world. Unexpectedly, Max went crazy from this day on, looking for her all over the world. One day, he saw the woman he had been looking for a long time passing by happily with a baby. "Whose child is this?" Max roared with red eyes.  

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