Broken Vows Second Chances by Gwen Hayes By Gwen Hayes Chapter 2

Broken Vows Second Chances by Gwen Hayes By Gwen Hayes Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Max put her into the bathtub and went out.

Elizabeth kept her head down. Until Max left, she slowly raised her head, reached out her hands, and gently wiped away the tears on her face.

After a while…

She locked the bathroom door and took out the pregnancy report from her pocket.

The rain soaked it, and the words on it were blurred.

Initially, she wanted to tell him as a surprise, but now it seemed that she could save it.

After being with him for two years, she knew he was the kind who never put his mobile phone away.

But he would not especially send her such a message to ask her to come and then let her go back for no reason.

It could only be that someone had taken his mobile phone and sent her such a message, asking her to go over and show others a joke.

Maybe, when she was waiting downstairs with an umbrella, a bunch of people upstairs were laughing at her.

Elizabeth looked at the report for a long time and then smiled mockingly. She slowly tore it up.

Half an hour later.

Elizabeth came out of the bathroom peacefully.

Max was sitting on the sofa with his legs resting on the ground. There was a laptop in front of him. He seemed to be still working.

Seeing her come out, he pointed to a bowl of soup beside to him.

“Eat it.”


Elizabeth walked over, took it, but didn’t eat it. She seemed to think of something and called his name.


“What’s the matter?” His tone was indifferent, and his eyes didn’t even move away from the screen.

Elizabeth looked at Max’s exquisite side face and jawline. Her slightly pale lips moved.

Max raised his head impatiently. They looked at each other.

Elizabeth’s complexion was pink and tender after taking a bath. Her lips were not as pale as before, but she looked sick and weak. It must be because of the rain.

With just one glance, Max’s desire was aroused.

Elizabeth’s feeling was complicated. She had no mood to pay attention to Max’s emotions. Instead, she was thinking about how to express her thoughts.

When she was finally ready to speak, “You…”

The pink lips just opened. Max pinched her chin and leaned over to kiss her as if he couldn’t control himself.

His rough fingers pinched her fair skin red in an instant.

Max’s breath was scorching, like a ball of fire. The kiss almost suffocated Elizabeth. When she was about to push him away, his mobile phone on the table rang.

Max paused. The enthusiasm faded in an instant. After a while, he backed away and kissed the corner of her lips lightly.

He said hoarsely, “Eat the soup and go to bed early today.”

Then he got up and went out with his phone.

He went to the balcony to answer the phone.

He closed the door to the balcony.

Elizabeth was a little puzzled by the kiss. She sat for a while before getting up.

Instead of entering the bedroom, she got up and approached the balcony.

The glass door was only half closed. The cool night breeze brought in Max’s deep voice.

“I’m not leaving you.”

“Don’t overthink. Sweet dreams.”

Max’s voice was as soft as the wind.

Elizabeth stood and listened for a while. Then, she chuckled.

It turned out that he could be very gentle, but unfortunately, it was not to her.

She turned around and went into the bedroom, sitting on the edge of the bed with a blank expression.

In fact, their marriage was originally a mistake. It was a transaction.

Two years ago, her family went bankrupt. She had become a joke in Hodge City overnight.

When the Blaine family was influential in the past, they had many opponents. After they went bankrupt, countless people wanted to see a joke.

Some people even said boldly that he could pay off the Blaine family’s debts if Miss Blaine committed herself to him.

Before the bankruptcy, countless men chased after Elizabeth, but none of them caught her eye. After a long time, everyone said that Miss Blaine was cold and dull.

When her family fell from power, those men who failed to get her started to make fun of her.

Max came back when she was at her most desolate and humiliated time.

He dealt with those who were snarky and made them pay a terrible price. He paid off the Blaine family’s debts and then said to her, “Let’s get engaged.”

Elizabeth looked at him in shock.

Seeing her shocked face, the man reached out to touch her face.

“Why are you surprised? Are you afraid that I will take advantage of you? Don’t worry. It’s just a fake engagement. My grandma is sick, and she likes you very much. Let’s have a fake engagement to make her happy. I’ll help you revive the Blaine family.”

Oh, it turned out to be a fake engagement.

It turned out that it was to make his grandma happy.

It turned out that he didn’t like her.

But even so, she agreed to him.

Knowing he didn’t like her, she still jumped into the sweet trap he had set for her.

After the engagement, Elizabeth felt very awkward.

They were childhood friends. They always got along in the name of friends, but they were engaged couples overnight.

Max was very natural. He brought her to various banquets and events. The accident happened a year later. Grandma Hart’s condition deteriorated, and the two got married. She became the envied Mrs. Hart.

Those who didn’t know the truth said this pair of childhood sweethearts had finally married.

Elizabeth came back from her memories. She couldn’t help laughing.

It was far away from people’s imagination. It was just a transaction that they both would benefit from.

“Still awake?” Max’s voice came suddenly.

Immediately afterward, the bed by Elizabeth’s sank. Max’s clean aura surrounded her.

“I have something to tell you.”

Elizabeth didn’t turn her head. She could guess what he wanted to say.

Max said, “Let’s get a divorce.”

Even though she had already guessed it, Elizabeth’s heart still skipped a beat. She suppressed the turbulent breath and tried to calm herself down, “When?”

She was lying down peacefully. Her tone was light and calm, as if they were discussing tomorrow morning’s breakfast.

Her reaction made Max frown, but he still said, “Soon. Right after my grandma’s surgery, we do it.”

Elizabeth nodded.

“No problem.”

Max asked, “That’s it?”

Hearing this, Elizabeth glanced sideways at him, “What?”

Her eyes were clear, without any impurities. Max choked up at her question and laughed helplessly after a while.

“It’s nothing, you heartless woman.”

They had been a couple for almost two years. She was so calm when he proposed a divorce. Max was shocked by her calmness. She seemed not to care about him at all.

That was understandable. It was initially a transactional marriage. Each took what they needed.

His existence just made her admirers hold back.

If it weren’t for his grandma’s reasons, she would probably have distanced herself from him long ago.

Max tried to ignore the uncomfortable feeling, lay beside Elizabeth, and closed his eyes.


Elizabeth suddenly called him.

Max suddenly opened his eyes and looked at her. His deep eyes were shockingly apparent in the night.

“What do you want to tell me?”

Elizabeth looked at his face, hesitated, and finally said, “The past two years… Thank you.”

Hearing this, the light in Max’s eyes dimmed. After a while, he twitched the corners of his lips, “Wordy.”


Elizabeth turned her head. After the divorce, there would be no chance for him to hear her being wordy.

Broken Vows Second Chances by Gwen Hayes By Gwen Hayes

Broken Vows Second Chances by Gwen Hayes By Gwen Hayes

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: Broken Vows Second Chances by Gwen Hayes By Gwen Hayes- A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption "The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee" is a touching and poignant novel by Vera Whitehead that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. Synopsis Broken Vows Second Chances Broken Vows, Second Chances Gwen Hayes> PUB: LoveLand Culture 16+ Synopsis "Let's get a divorce. She's back." On the second anniversary of their marriage, Elizabeth was ruthlessly abandoned by Max Hart. She hid the pregnancy test and disappeared from his world. Unexpectedly, Max went crazy from this day on, looking for her all over the world. One day, he saw the woman he had been looking for a long time passing by happily with a baby. "Whose child is this?" Max roared with red eyes.  

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This novel is based on the dark side of marriage and divorce. It’s a romantic genre story to read with the characterization of couple Keegan Kate and Stella Jewells following up with many incidents around.

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The novel Broken Vows Second Chances by Gwen Hayes comes under the authorship of Eleven Jewells.


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