Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia Chapter 94

Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia Chapter 94

Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia Chapter 94

It could be said that since Rachel left Smith Group, they knew nothing about her

Even the surveillance footage of Rachel leaving back then had been wiped clean

Louis frowned tightly. Could Rachel really be hiding some secret that Louis did not know about

Louis sorted out his thoughts and asked coldly, What did Mr. Justin of Johnson Corporation say?” 

Mr. Justin said that he has been transferred to another branch company and won’t be back for a while…” 

As the assistant spoke word by word, he clearly felt the temperature in the office drop sharply. It was as if he was in an ice cave in a world of ice and snow, so bonechilling

The assistant sized up the terrifying low pressure on Louis. After hesitating for a while, the assistant said carefully, Mr. Smith, it’s time for the meeting.” 

I know.Louis gripped the phone in his hand and walked toward the conference room

Compared to Louis’s gloomy mood, Rachel seemed particularly 


Rachel opened her eyes and subconsciously looked around. Her gaze finally landed on David, who was lying on the sofa

Rachel was slightly stunned. She thought that David would take the opportunity to… 

Thinking of this, Rachel chuckled helplessly

Sometimes, Rachel really could not understand David

David was clearly domineering and did not give Rachel any chance to escape, but he would maintain a suitable distance at the critical 


David was the one who was domineering. He was also the one who was humble

No matter what David was like, he could easily conquer the softest part of Rachel’s heart, making it difficult for her to reject him

Rachel sat on the bed for a while, lifted the blanket, and got out of bed. She picked up the thermometer and gently walked to David

Rachel slowly squatted down and took his temperature. She looked at the result, 97.7°F

Rachel secretly heaved a sigh of relief and muttered softly, The fever has finally subsided.” 

Are you relieved now?David’s low and slow voice sounded

David slowly opened his eyes. His deep eyes were filled with light, making one sink into it

Rachel’s eyelashes trembled slightly as she slowly straightened her body. Good medicine is bitter. Even if you don’t like it, you have to take it on time. No matter what, you have to take care of yourself.” 

Mrs. Brown told you?David raised his eyebrows slightly and slowly sat up

Rachel nodded. Mrs. Brown is worried about you.” 

David stared at Rachel without blinking. He raised his eyebrows slightly, and there was a faint trace of a smile at the corner of his eyes. Sometimes, what others tell you might not be everything. If you want to understand me, you might as well ask me directly.” 

Perhaps because David had just woken up, his voice was even deeper than before. It was like the bass strings of a cello, magnetic and pleasant to the ears

Rachel blinked and secretly sized up the man in front of her

David’s flat pajamas had some wrinkles, and some of his hair was covering his forehead, adding some fierce charm for him

If you want to put it that way, don’t I have to stay up a few nights, write down all the questions I can think of, and ask you one by one?” 

Actually, there indeed was a certain level of curiosity that Rachel had toward David

Rachel’s intuition told her that the identity of the man in front of her was not just limited to the owner of Sandalwood Hills and the president of Stellar Corporation. These might be the tip of the iceberg of his many identities

Hearing her words, David let out a low laugh from his throat. He reached out and tucked a strand of hair, which was hanging in front of her face, behind her ear, his eyes filled with indulgence. I’ll tell you everything you want to know, no matter when or where.

Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia

Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia

Status: Ongoing Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia- A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption. "Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia" is a touching and poignant novel by Vera Whitehead that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. The story follows Zi, a young woman grieving the loss of her husband, as she drives across the breathtaking Irish countryside.   Synopsis Will you please continue with the wedding ceremony first? Other matters can wait for now." "Rachel Grey, you know very well that our marriage is just a trade. Being Mrs. Smith is all you want from me. So, stay out of my business." Her lips lifted into a mocking snicker, she had never thought that the three years she'd spent with him was just a trade in his eyes. They have been together for the past three years, spending most of their time together. She could forgo everything for him, falling out with her family and leaving them. All he had in return was he couldn't control his feeling for his old flame, Olivia Cruise. "Here is 200 thousand dollars. It should be enough for you to lead a stable life in the countryside." He said. Apparently, the past three years she spent with him were worth only 200 thousand dollars. He wouldn't have known that the 200 thousand dollars were nothing to her, actually he didn't even know who she really is. "Louis Smith, your family's wealth meant nothing to me, nor do I care about being Mrs. Smith. And I will not accept any form of apology and compensation from you. Remember this. There'll never be reconciliation between us. "Her face seemed laced with ice, and nothing was in her eyes except indifference and determination. As the wedding march played in the background, Rachel walked down the aisle in her white bridal gown toward Louis Smith, who is bearing a bouquet in his hand at the other end of the hall.   In conclusion, "Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia" is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women's fiction.


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