Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia Chapter 80

Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia Chapter 80

Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia Chapter 80

Mr. Smith, didn’t you swear that you would name your price at will just now? Are you regretting it now?Rachel looked at Louis with a sardonic smile

Louis stared at Rachel, trying to see sadness or anger in her eyes

However, her expression remained cold and indifferent, as if she was facing a stranger. This made Louis feel an indescribable sense of loss

Could it be that she could really let go of three years of feelings so easily

Or was it because of the man who appeared in Best Fry?! 

RaeRae, you’re crazy!Mary strode to Rachel’s side and said under her breath, How can you sell them the gown? Do you know that this adulterous couple is planning to get engaged?” 

In her opinion, not being able to have something she wanted must be killing Olivia

Therefore, Mary would rather cut the gown into pieces than sell it to Olivia to make her happy

However, Rachel did not think so. She would be the one who lost out by cutting the clothes into pieces. The best way was to make Olivia pay the price

Since Olivia chose to be a sucker, there was no reason for Rachel to stop her

Mr. Smith, you’re willing to spend huge sums to make your girl smile. Of course, I have to fulfill your wish.Rachel raised her eyebrows and looked at Louis with a faint smile. “Mr. Smith, are you going back on your word?” 

Rachel knew Louis’s ridiculous selfesteem

He was used to being looked up to by everyone, so how could he allow others to question him

Louis’s handsome face revealed a hint of coldness. He stared at Rachel with a deep gaze

Rachel met his gaze fearlessly and said, her voice dripping with sarcasm, “Mr. Smith was so imposing just now, but now you’re hesitating. It seems that the socalled first love is nothing much in your heart.” 

Oone million dollars?Jane almost fainted on the spot when she heard this price. She glared at Rachel and snapped, One million dollars for a gown! Rachel, you’re blackmailing! Why don’t you just go to the streets to rob!” 

Rachel chuckled. Because I have a more reasonable method to get money than daylight robbery? Mr. Smith, have you made up your mind?” 

Louis took a deep look at Rachel. His jawline tightened and he finally took out his bank card

Mary raised her chin and a shop assistant immediately took the bank card

Mr. Smith, you’re so generous.Rachel said, Then I’ll wish your love for each other last forever.” 

For some reason, when she heard Rachel’s blessing, a saying that a jerk and a bitch are perfectly matchedpopped into Mary’s mind

This was the perfect blessing for Louis and Olivia in front of her

One was a complete jerk, while the other was a bitch

Before Louis turned to leave, he could not help but cast a glance at Rachel

Rachel remained where she was. Her innate cold and arrogant air gave off an aura that made her unapproachable

When he had just broken up with Rachel, there was always a lingering fear in Louis’s heart. He was worried that Rachel would pester him. However, after they parted from each other, Rachel did not show any attachment for him or nostalgia

Logically speaking, Louis was supposed to be happy, but there was an indescribable sense of loss in his heart

Seeing that Louis was a little distracted, Olivia held his arm and said, Louis, thank you for doing all this for me. I’m really happy and touched.” 

The only flaw was that he saw Rachel here

Louis said absentmindedly, As long as you like it.” 

Mary felt disgusted as she looked at the loveydovey couple. What a pity for the gown.” 

It’s not a pity to sell it for ten times the price.” 

Well, we made them spend so much for the wedding gown. I gotta say I do feel much better.” 

As the two of them spoke, they turned around and walked upstairs

At this moment, Louis’s voice suddenly sounded from behind. Rachel, remember to attend Grandpa’s 80th birthday on time.”

Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia

Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia

Status: Ongoing Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia- A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption. "Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia" is a touching and poignant novel by Vera Whitehead that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. The story follows Zi, a young woman grieving the loss of her husband, as she drives across the breathtaking Irish countryside.   Synopsis Will you please continue with the wedding ceremony first? Other matters can wait for now." "Rachel Grey, you know very well that our marriage is just a trade. Being Mrs. Smith is all you want from me. So, stay out of my business." Her lips lifted into a mocking snicker, she had never thought that the three years she'd spent with him was just a trade in his eyes. They have been together for the past three years, spending most of their time together. She could forgo everything for him, falling out with her family and leaving them. All he had in return was he couldn't control his feeling for his old flame, Olivia Cruise. "Here is 200 thousand dollars. It should be enough for you to lead a stable life in the countryside." He said. Apparently, the past three years she spent with him were worth only 200 thousand dollars. He wouldn't have known that the 200 thousand dollars were nothing to her, actually he didn't even know who she really is. "Louis Smith, your family's wealth meant nothing to me, nor do I care about being Mrs. Smith. And I will not accept any form of apology and compensation from you. Remember this. There'll never be reconciliation between us. "Her face seemed laced with ice, and nothing was in her eyes except indifference and determination. As the wedding march played in the background, Rachel walked down the aisle in her white bridal gown toward Louis Smith, who is bearing a bouquet in his hand at the other end of the hall.   In conclusion, "Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia" is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women's fiction.


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