Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia Chapter 248

Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia Chapter 248


Chapter 248 A Fearsome Presence 

I heard you called the young man of the Johnson family?” 

Yes,Jimmy replied vaguely. You know that this is not in our territory. In Seaxas, we have to show some respect to the Johnson family.” 

Upon hearing this, Davids’s indifferent eyes moved

But only for a moment

At this moment, Lucas was led into their booth by the manager

Lucas’s gaze swept past Jimmy and Landon before finally landing on David

He narrowed his eyes, and a complicated expression flashed across the depths of his eyes

None of the three people in front of him were people he could provoke casually, especially David, who was sitting in the corner

He greeted them one by one. Mr. Shain, Mr. Walker.” 

Landon raised his glass and toasted him. Then, he gestured for him to sit beside Jimmy

Lucas walked over and sat down in a manner neither servile nor overbearing, but his gaze kept landing on David

He felt like he had seen this person somewhere before

But he couldn’t remember for a moment

Coincidentally, Landon handed him a glass of wine

He reached out to take it. When he raised his head to drink, he slowly looked at David again from the corner of his eye

The man sat on the sofa casually. The collar of his shirt was slightly open, revealing his beautiful collarbone lines, revealing a hint of fierceness and 


He exuded a natural noble aura, and the pressure around him was difficult to ignore. Even as he sat there motionless, he was inexplicably submissive

David seemed to have sensed something and looked over

Lucas suddenly froze when he met that pair of cold eyes that were as deep as a cold lake

However, he did not look like a deserter who had lost his armor. Instead, he met the man’s eyes fearlessly

That’s Mr. Jones,Landon introduced to Lucas. You can call him David.” 

When Lucas heard this, a hint of understanding flashed in the depths of his eyes

Whether it was Landon in front of him, Jimmy, who was drinking and having fun, or Mr. Joneshere, they all came from a place beyond the reach of ordinary people


Located in North Ordax, it was not a city, but a large state composed of many cities

It didn’t belong to any country in North Ordax, nor to any country or institution in the world. Instead, it was an independent region

And Aureliana’s intelligence was highly classified

Therefore, other than the heads of corporations and the leaders of various countries, the outside world was unaware of the existence of this place. Legend had it that there were once ancient Four Families in Aureliana, but they suffered riots in the continent decades ago

At that time, many forces were eyeing them covetously, waiting for an opportunity to make a move

However, to everyone’s surprise, the chaos in the continent subsided and Four Families in the continent were reshuffled overnight

As for the existence of the Jones family, it was an existence that even the Elders in Aureliana had to be wary of

Lucas’s eyes flashed as he finished the wine in his glass.. 

As more and more people came, the atmosphere became more and more lively, so everyone started playing dice

As the saying went, people were in high spirits when involved in happy events. By rights, they should have had good luck, too. However, Jimmy was extremely unlucky

Before long, all the wine on the table was in his stomach

Mr. Johnson, you’re in luck tonight.Jimmy had a cigarette in the corner of 

his mouth as he looked at Lucas meaningfully

Lucas smiled and said calmly, I was just lucky.” 

Landon’s smile was very annoying. He looked at Jimmy with a provocative gaze. Dude, don’t find an excuse for losing! If you’re willing to bet, admit defeat! Drink quickly!” 

Sure!Jimmy put out his cigarette and rolled up his sleeves, resisting the urge to flip the table as he said, I’ve never been afraid of anyone when it comes to drinking!

Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia

Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia

Status: Ongoing Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
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