Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia Chapter 202

Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia Chapter 202

Chapter 202 

Rachel, it’s all my fault. I’m willing to shoulder all the responsibility by myself. It has nothing to do with Olivia.Louis held Olivia in his arms lovingly

Olivia looked at Louis with teary eyes and said, No, Louis. That is not true. It’s all my fault. I couldn’t control my feelings. It’s all my fault. It has nothing to do with you” 

Rachel looked at Olivia with a fake smile. Knock it off. I can recite your words backward. Please come up with other lines. You’ve bent my ears.” 

The crowd burst out laughing after hearing that. 

Olivia’s eyes hardened slightly, and her face was burning with embarrassment and anger

Rachel, I sincerely apologize to you. I’ll do anything if you’re willing to forgive me,Louis said

Rachel pursed her lips. There was a glint of mockery in her eyes. Why should I forgive you just because you apologize sincerely? We’re all adults. We should pay the price for our mistakes. Isn’t that fair

You two hook up with each other and betray me. So, I should be a bigger person and say it’s fine and continue with my life after you apologize? I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you. I’ll never be a bigger person.” 

In other words, she wanted to humiliate Olivia and the Smith family

Even though Rachel’s words were harsh and cruel but no one there blamed her for being coldblooded

After all, they were stupid bystanders. They were polite enough not to clap and cheer when Rachel fell out with the Smith family

Moreover, Louis and Olivia had done a shameless thing. They betrayed Rachel first. Even if their reputations were destroyed, they deserved it

I’m really sorry for ruining your engagement party.” 

Although Rachel said that, she didn’t look apologetic at all. Instead, there was a hint of derision in her voice. By the way, I wish the two of you a happy marriage and eternal harmony.” 

With that, she walked away without looking back


Suddenly, Old Mr. Smith walked over slowly with his son’s help. I know you hate Louis, but you can’t force a relationship. He risked his life to fight off the bad guys and saved you before. Why can’t you forgive him because of that?” 

Rachel narrowed her eyes, which gleamed with an icy cold light

She did not expect that Old Mr. Smith would still want to make her feel that she was indebted to them

The old man met her cold gaze and inexplicably felt his face burning. He said diffidently, Even if Louis has done you wrong, you can’t erase everything during the three years you’ve been together” 

Mrs. Smith quickly chimed in, That’s right. We all make mistakes. Why can’t you give him a second chance? You’ve stayed with us for three years, and we’ve never mistreated you. Why can’t you let bygones be bygones?” 

Let bygones be bygones?Rachel suddenly smiled. There was a terrifying gleam in her eyes. “Don’t you think it is too hypocritical? I’m vindictive and smallminded. I like it when the table is turned and I enjoy seeing evil people get the punishments they deserve. Only this will make me happy

Besides, I’ve been merciful enough to you today. Don’t push your luck.” 

After speaking, she walked towards the door.

Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia

Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia

Status: Ongoing Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia- A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption. "Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia" is a touching and poignant novel by Vera Whitehead that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. The story follows Zi, a young woman grieving the loss of her husband, as she drives across the breathtaking Irish countryside.   Synopsis Will you please continue with the wedding ceremony first? Other matters can wait for now." "Rachel Grey, you know very well that our marriage is just a trade. Being Mrs. Smith is all you want from me. So, stay out of my business." Her lips lifted into a mocking snicker, she had never thought that the three years she'd spent with him was just a trade in his eyes. They have been together for the past three years, spending most of their time together. She could forgo everything for him, falling out with her family and leaving them. All he had in return was he couldn't control his feeling for his old flame, Olivia Cruise. "Here is 200 thousand dollars. It should be enough for you to lead a stable life in the countryside." He said. Apparently, the past three years she spent with him were worth only 200 thousand dollars. He wouldn't have known that the 200 thousand dollars were nothing to her, actually he didn't even know who she really is. "Louis Smith, your family's wealth meant nothing to me, nor do I care about being Mrs. Smith. And I will not accept any form of apology and compensation from you. Remember this. There'll never be reconciliation between us. "Her face seemed laced with ice, and nothing was in her eyes except indifference and determination. As the wedding march played in the background, Rachel walked down the aisle in her white bridal gown toward Louis Smith, who is bearing a bouquet in his hand at the other end of the hall.   In conclusion, "Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia" is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women's fiction.


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