Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia Chapter 14

Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia Chapter 14

Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia Chapter 14

Chapter 14 

After some persuasion from Mary, she briefly recounted the encounter at the hospital

Fortunately, her friend’s attention was diverted entirely by Louis and Olivia. Good lord, that pair of adulterers makes me sick! I would skin her alive and turn her into ashes if it were me!Mary exclaimed

I hope she learns her lesson this time,” Rachel said, her eyes hiding a barely perceptible 


After all, she didn’t plan to waste too much time and energy on Olivia. However, she would not mind making her suffer a bit if she failed to take her words seriously

She was never a softhearted saint

Mary nodded in agreement. But I can’t just let Louis Smith off the hook like this!” 

So? What are you going to do?she asked

I’m withdrawing my investment!Mary said lightly, I only agreed to give money to the Smith family because of you, but since they have turned their back on you, there is no point for me to remaining kind to them

But you should have discussed it with me before making a decision,she said. Not only does the Shallow Bay project have the development potential, but you also lost millions by suddenly withdrawing your investment! Oh lord, you have a problem with money, don’t you? Don’t you like to make money?” 

Mary, meanwhile, acted as if her heart was carved open as she ran to her best friend’s side, crying as she said, I’m losing millions, Rae. You have to compensate me!” 

Why should I compensate you? It’s obvious that you don’t like money” 

In contrast to the joyful atmosphere on their side, Louis was very distressed at this 


After all, the Shallow Bay project had been the Smith Group’s primary focus in recent years, with few people in the company seeing its potential initially

To push the project forward, he overcame numerous obstacles and went to various places to solicit investment. Nonetheless, divestment had occurred at a critical juncture in the project, which would undoubtedly give it a fatal blow

No matter how, just make sure that you contact the Green family as quickly as possible!his voice was tinged with a hint of coldness

The assistant on the other end of the phone responded, Yes, Mr. Smith.” 

After hanging up the phone, he took a deep breath and returned to the hospital ward

Inside the hospital room, Mrs. Smith looked at the wound on Olivia’s forehead and could not help but sigh. She is a country woman by nature, and it is simply impossible for her to change her rough and crude ways no matter what. It was fortunate that Louis broke up with her during a critical time. Otherwise, who knows how many jokes she would cause in the future if she married into our Smith family!” 


Louis walked in just in time to hear his mother’s words, and his eyebrows furrowed slightly. Olivia caught a glimpse of his expression, and her eyes flickered slightly. She said with a pitiful expression, Regardless, this is all my fault. I shouldn’t have appeared at this time and caused a misunderstanding between Rachel and me. Besides, I shouldn’t have affected their relationship by” 

It is not your fault.He interrupted her, took the apple his mother was peeling, and explained calmly, Between her and me, it was always about mutual benefit. You know, even without your appearance, that relationship would not have lasted long.” 

With her background, how could she match the Smith family? It was only because of Louis’s kindness. You know, he couldn’t bear to reject her, so he agreed to marry her under her persistent begging,Mrs. Smith said with obvious disgust when Rachel was mentioned. From the beginning, she had not agreed to the engagement between her son and Rachel. However, he seemed to have made up his mind. Because of this engagement, she had become the laughingstock of the upperclass circle for a while

Olivia lowered her eyes, looking like she was about to cry. She presented as though she was a withering rose, which attracted pity. When my father was framed years ago, he was worried that I would be implicated, so he sent me abroad hastily. That is the reason why I let Louis’s sincere love go to waste. I have done Louis wrong, and I have also hurt Rachel indirectly. But, you know, I just couldn’t control my feelings for Louis over the years” 


Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia

Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia

Status: Ongoing Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: English
Title: Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia- A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption. "Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia" is a touching and poignant novel by Vera Whitehead that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. The story follows Zi, a young woman grieving the loss of her husband, as she drives across the breathtaking Irish countryside.   Synopsis Will you please continue with the wedding ceremony first? Other matters can wait for now." "Rachel Grey, you know very well that our marriage is just a trade. Being Mrs. Smith is all you want from me. So, stay out of my business." Her lips lifted into a mocking snicker, she had never thought that the three years she'd spent with him was just a trade in his eyes. They have been together for the past three years, spending most of their time together. She could forgo everything for him, falling out with her family and leaving them. All he had in return was he couldn't control his feeling for his old flame, Olivia Cruise. "Here is 200 thousand dollars. It should be enough for you to lead a stable life in the countryside." He said. Apparently, the past three years she spent with him were worth only 200 thousand dollars. He wouldn't have known that the 200 thousand dollars were nothing to her, actually he didn't even know who she really is. "Louis Smith, your family's wealth meant nothing to me, nor do I care about being Mrs. Smith. And I will not accept any form of apology and compensation from you. Remember this. There'll never be reconciliation between us. "Her face seemed laced with ice, and nothing was in her eyes except indifference and determination. As the wedding march played in the background, Rachel walked down the aisle in her white bridal gown toward Louis Smith, who is bearing a bouquet in his hand at the other end of the hall.   In conclusion, "Betrayal At The Altar By Dolores Delia" is a touching and poignant novel worth reading. Love, grief, and healing are universal themes that may be related to by anybody who has experienced the agony of losing a loved one. This novel is a must-read for anybody who appreciates inspirational tales of hope and redemption because of its gorgeous setting and engaging characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance or women's fiction.


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